ABC 13: University of Cincinnati to offer Science of COVID-19 class

UC student Nora Lakes and Professor William Miller speak with TV journalist

Students at the University of Cincinnati are exploring the science behind the COVID-19 pandemic in a new class that debuts Monday, Jan. 25. The class includes a series of 13 lectures from faculty in the College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center who are actively conducting research in or caring for patients with COVID-19. These lectures address the disease's virology, impact on organ systems, detection and treatment, epidemiology, vaccination and psychosocial impact on society.

Nora Lakes, an MD/PhD student, and William Miller, PhD, professor of molecular genetics at UC, spoke initially to Fox 19 in Cincinnati about the new class, titled Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was conceptualized and developed by Lakes and UC students Scottie Emmert and Rahul Patel along with Minh Nguyen, a recent UC graduate, Miller and Anil Menon, PhD, associate dean of undergraduate education in the UC College of Medicine. The course offers two hours of credit for undergraduates and will make all lectures available to the public on their website.

Listen to the interview with students and faculty about the Science of COVID-19.

Dr. Miller also gave a second interview to Fox 19 available online.

Learn more about the Science of COVID-19 at UC.

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