Scholarship support relieves pressure for medical student

IvaDean Student Scholarship changes lives

Medical school is not for the faint of heart. When student Anthony DeMarco describes his third year of medical school at UC College of Medicine, it includes a complicated schedule juggling eight to 12-hour rotations in different areas of medicine. He has alternated between family medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics and surgery in a short time.

It can be stressful and expensive. But as someone who has always enjoyed connecting with people, listening and giving counsel, DeMarco felt called by his faith to be a doctor. A scholarship from the IvaDean Student Scholarship Fund allows him to focus on his aspirations.

"It helps take that pressure off," DeMarco says. "Medical students have a huge responsibility and then on top of that we have a giant financial burden once we graduate. Any amount helps make it not so debilitating."

The College of Medicine will host the 17th annual IvaDean Scholarship benefit concert. Patrons are asked to register and make donations online of $20 for adults and $5 for students and children under 12 to enjoy a night of musical performances from UC students, faculty and staff. The prerecorded concert posts at 7 p.m. on Feb. 27 and a special link will be sent so patrons can view it.

DeMarco, who is considering pursuing family medicine or psychiatry, says receiving a scholarship motivates him to do well. He has met his scholarship’s namesake, IvaDean Lair-Adolph, who has worked in the dean’s office at the College of Medicine for more than 50 years. The College of Medicine Class of 2003 used its class gift to start this fund as a tribute to her dedication to medical students as an adviser, advocate and confidante.

"She’s considered the mom of the medical school," DeMarco says. "Each year there is a benefit concert for the fund and medical students, alumni and faculty perform. That has been really encouraging for students like me who don't have the finances to afford this. I’m really grateful."

Medical students have a huge responsibility and then on top of that we have a giant financial burden once we graduate. Any amount helps make it not so debilitating.

Anthony DeMarco

A highlight of his time at UC is watching others lead by example.

"My classmates are amazing people," he shares. "There is a large spectrum of interest groups here and many of them are involved in the community."

He says that UC’s faculty stress that lifelong learning is part of being a physician.

"My faith inspires me, my family inspires me, the patients I see inspire me, and the clinicians that I see every day also inspire me," he reflects. "All of these different people encourage me to continue to work every day."

Featured image at top: Anthony DeMarco. Photo/UC Foundation.

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