Commemorate special occasions this year with a lifesaving Hoxworth blood drive

Hoxworth Blood Center invites Tri-State residents to take their celebrations to the next level with a special occasion blood drive.  Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, a celebration of life, or honoring a loved one, Hoxworth Blood Center can help organize a special occasion blood drive to celebrate in the most impactful way: saving lives close to home.

“It’s no surprise that over the last year, countless celebrations were postponed or cancelled, including weddings, birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, baby showers and celebrations of life,” said Alecia Lipton, spokesperson for Hoxworth Blood Center. “Now that vaccinations are becoming available, community spread of COVID-19 continues to decline and our lives are slowly returning back to normal, we want to give individuals in our community the chance to make their celebrations that much more impactful.”

Lindsay Schulte and her family hosted a lifesaving blood drive last summer to commemorate her daughter Brynn’s first birthday, an occasion that might not have happened if it weren’t for blood donors.  Brynn was born with a “one in five million” condition known as factor XIII deficiency, and blood donors were essential to her survival. 

Brynn and Lindsay in front of Hoxworth bus during Brynn's Birthday Blood Drive

Hosting “Brynn’s Birthday Blood Drive” to help others also in need of blood made sense, according to Lindsay Schulte, Brynn’s mother. The special occasion will continue to be an annual tradition and a celebration of a life saved by blood donors.

“Blood transfusions saved Brynn’s life, and they save Brynn’s life each day,” Lindsay said.  “We have our sweet girl with us EVERY day because of generous and selfless blood donors. We wanted to ‘pay it forward’ to those that have helped us along our journey, and we want to show our gratitude by giving back, as well as bringing awareness to how important, and EASY, donating blood can be.” 

To mark your special occasion in a way like no other, host a blood drive by using your special occasion to save lives. To get started, visit the Hoxworth website: and fill out the form.

Saving lives close to home

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati was founded in 1938 and serves over 30 hospitals and medical facilities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Hoxworth collects blood from local donors to help save the lives of patients in area hospitals. Hoxworth Blood Center: Saving lives close to home.