University of Cincinnati researcher says proteins in patients biomarkers of heart disease

Blood test could someday identify plasma protein in diabetic patients at risk of heart disease highlighted research findings from a University of Cincinnati cardiologist who found that plasma proteins discovered in the blood samples of diabetic patients who went on to develop obstructive coronary disease (OCAD) serve as biomarkers of future heart disease.

Lynch, an assistant professor in the UC College of Medicine looked at blood samples from 75 diabetic patients: two groups of 35 with one group eventually developing obstructive coronary disease while the other group did not. A total of 248 plasma proteins were identified; 15 were present only in patients with obstructive coronary disease while three were present in patients without OCAD.

“We took samples of plasma and used mass spectrometry to see if we could find biomarkers that were predictive of patients developing obstructive coronary disease,” says Lynch.  “The significance of this is I see patients who have diabetes and unfortunately develop blockages but no symptoms.”

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