Nominate a UC Cause or Program for #GivingTuesday

Help raise funds and awareness for UC causes

The 2021 edition of #GivingTuesday is set for Tuesday, Nov. 30, and the University of Cincinnati is celebrating the many ways UC and UC Health make a positive impact on the world. In its eighth consecutive year participating in the national #GivingTuesday campaign, UC and UC Health seek to highlight some of our change-making work that significantly influences the lives of our students and members of the UC community.

Those with a passion for a particular UC effort or initiative can add their support in the planning stage of #GivingTuesday by nominating that cause or program to be part of the campaign. The UC Foundation will help raise funds and awareness for the causes selected. Last year’s campaign raised $288,866 from 3,199 gifts.

Nominate your UC cause/program today!