WLWT: Biden attempts to ease supply chain issues

UC associate dean Chuck Sox says it will take time to resolve problems

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, President Joe Biden has taken actions to try to alleviate the supply chain issues that are weighing on Americans’ minds.

Biden outlined steps his administration has taken to help more goods flow freely, WLWT’s Todd Dykes reported.

“His administration has taken some steps that I think have helped to some degree,” said Chuck Sox, the associate dean of impact and partnerships for the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

While everyone involved wants to see fully stocked shelves, Sox, a supply chain expert, said it will take more time for the supply chain to fully heal from the pandemic-related trauma it's suffered.

“They want product on the shelf,” Sox said. “They want consumers to be able to buy their products. That's the problem we'd all like to solve. And the question is just really what and how to do that.”

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Featured image: UC  supply chain expert Chuck Sox and WLWT reporter Todd Dykes. Screenshot courtesy of WLWT video.

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