Five ways to make your social media posts more appealing

Make sure they're colorful, punchy and informative

Social media is not a website; it is a place for short impactful engagement.

Using social networks is a powerful way to advertise your company and highlight how you share the same values with your clients. They're quick, easy and free — plus they can reach thousands of people in seconds. But you must use them well!

"Posts should be engaging and fun with punchy text to make sure they strike a chord with your audience. From colorful images to a catchy headline, you can impress people and get them interested in what you have to say," said Angela Roberts, director of strategic content for the Cincinnati Innovation District, powered by the University of Cincinnati. 

"Make sure your social media content contains powerful business-related keywords to enhance search engine outreach. And unless you make a critical mistake, never delete a post; keeping it up for as long as possible allows you to tailor future posts to target a specific groups of customers."

Here are five tips for creating more effective posts that will grab people's attention:

  • Use less text, more imagery. Compelling images show more than words can say. Using your own photos over stock photos will enhance your purchase power. Use a variety of impactful images to keep your audience engaged and show your product in action.
  • Add creative videos. Video is a powerful tool that’s great for brand awareness. Besides Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is now imperative — in fact, 91% of businesses are using videos in their social media marketing tools.
  • Cut infographics to fit social media. Depending on the site, trim your imagery to fit properly for the most impact for your target audience. For Instagram, create square infographics. For Pinterest, go with a vertical image. For Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, best to go with horizontal dimensions. For all of them, regardless of the dimensions, it should never be cluttered.
  • Use emotion to spark inspiration. Start the week with words of wisdom from your company leaders. Producing more motivation from your clients will compel them to take action. Use emojis and custom hashtags creatively. Write brief social posts that seek people’s answers, opinions and feedback. Social media interaction is a powerful tool to engage your audience in seeking more about your company.
  • Engage with industry news. Repost the latest in industry news that helps enhance the value and utility of your company. Consistently check up on the latest from not just one but several industry news sources weekly. Sharing relevant industry-focused tech news can help build relationships with prospective clients and lead to future collaboration with competitors.

Other ways to get ahead of the curve is to run a YouTube channel, create live broadcasting and get a multipurpose social media bundle.

“To prevent your competitors from outpacing you, keep posting regularly,” Roberts said. “Social media is a very competitive platform, so make sure you stay active and punctual in creating and posting engaging content consistently.”

Featured image at top: Photo by Noah Buscher/Unsplash

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