UC Offers A New Convenience to New Grads, Students

New graduates, current and former students at the University of Cincinnati have a brand-new convenience as they request their college records. For the first time ever, student transcripts can be ordered and paid for online through the One Stop Web site. Less than 20 minutes after the feature was added to the Web site May 20, the requests for transcripts were already rolling in, according to James D. Williams, director of Enrollment Services.

First launched in August 2001, the One Stop Web site was created to bring service to students in their homes, residence halls, work, or at their study sites around the world. Students just needed to log into the site from their personal computers to register for classes, pay bills, apply for financial aid or even check in with a counselor.

Six months in the making by staff from the Registrar’s Office and the UC Office of Information Technologies (UCit), the new transcripts feature comes to the Web site at a peak period when students will be requesting transcripts over the summer. “This is a busy time of the year for graduating students to order transcripts, as well as for alumni who are looking for new employment or want to upgrade their education,” says Williams.

Wendy Lambing, UC director of Student Records, says the Registrar’s Office typically processes around 55,000 transcript requests per year and that students previously had to make that request in writing. But now, Lambing says students with an active student ID number and PIN number can enter that information to request their transcripts, and pay online with their credit card. The fee is $4 for the first transcript, and an additional $2 for each additional copy ordered at the same time. For students who’d rather not pay online, the One Stop site has information about the traditional written requests for transcripts as well as where students can make requests in person at the One Stop Student Service Center in University Pavilion.

The online transcript request service is available to students enrolled at UC since 1999. For students with records prior to 1999, the records can easily be activated and made available.

When One Stop first came online in August 2001, more than 80,000 visitors flocked to the site in the first month. Now, Williams says the site averages 120,000 visitors every month, and adds that a record was set last March, when 259,757 visitors stopped by the One Stop Web site.

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