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UC Answers: What will fall 2020 classes look like?

Vice provost of enrollment management Jack Miner discusses UC's response to COVID-19

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Q: What's the big-picture plan for fall of 2020, and what will classes look like?

Miner: When we looked at designing classes for fall, we really looked at what courses would perform best in an online environment and what courses would work really well in an in-person environment. A lot of times that dealt with what was the individual student's program. Specifically, we were able to look at things like lab courses or studio courses, where students were engaging very closely with faculty. It was an opportunity to do that in-person. What we wanted to ensure was students had a safe environment. 

Q: Why is flexibility key at this time?

Miner: We really wanted to make sure that we have a flexible environment for students. That was a little bit of an opportunity for students to be able to make their own choices about the courses that were right for them but also about the level of on-campus environment and on-campus engagement that was right for them.

Q: What are the goals of the institution as it relates to helping students continue toward their academic pursuits?

Miner: One of the things that we want to make sure is that we are committed to our Bearcat promise. We made a commitment to our students that they're going to make their way through the University of Cincinnati successfully, timely, and walk away with a plan for their future. 

Q: How is UC pursuing safe solutions?

Miner: We've had as a guiding principle throughout our planning to ensure the safety of our students, the safety of our faculty and staff. We have a unique opportunity at the University of Cincinnati to work with our University Health Center and with our public health partners. That's an opportunity that no other school in the area has, and that's really been a great place for us to be able to distinguish ourselves, but also to know that we're creating a safe and successful path for our students over the next year.

Q: How will social distancing play into all this?

Miner: One of the advantages of responding to social distancing has been that we're looking at opportunities to have some smaller class sizes and to be able to distance students in the same classrooms we wouldn't normally use. That's really going to give us an opportunity to engage with students from a faculty-to-student ratio in a way that we wouldn't normally be able to engage with students.

Featured image at top: Jack Miner stands on on campus with University Pavilion in the background. photo/Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative + Brand

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