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New members appointed to UC Law Dean’s Advisory Board

July 6, 2022

The Honorable Kari Bloom ‘11, Lisa Kathumbi ‘06, Paula Boggs Muething ‘03, and Raul Rosado ‘88 have been appointed to the Dean’s Advisory Board, announced Verna Williams, dean and Nippert Professor of Law at the UC College of Law.


UC students: Enroll now for CCM's fall '22 arts electives

July 6, 2022

UC’s College-Conservatory of Music offers dozens of different general studies and arts elective courses in fall 2022. These credit-granting courses are open to all UC students and cover a wide range of topics including dance, movies and media, music and theatre arts!


Bruce Eichner gifts $500,000 to UC Law

July 6, 2022

A $500,000 gift from Bruce Eichner, JD ’69, to the University of Cincinnati College of Law will establish the Ian Bruce Eichner Research Fellowship in Workforce Housing Policy Fund, a three-year program aimed at improving research, advocacy, development, and access to workforce housing.


Hoxworth Blood Center celebrates July 7 opening of renovated...

July 6, 2022

Hoxworth Blood Center's Apheresis Center is a lesser-known place but equally as crucial. They collect different types of white blood cells from donors in the tristate, as well as around the country, for transplantation, therapeutic infusions, and emerging cellular therapies.


The talent pool: Floaties recommended

July 5, 2022

Finding and keeping quality talent continues to be a top concern for companies of all sizes. For small businesses, the challenge is that much more daunting because we are often competing against much larger organizations with vast resources and brand recognition. It’s metaphorically like treading water in the deep end of a pool, or in some cases, the unfriendly seas!


Streamlined payment systems improve business inside and out

July 5, 2022

As both our personal and professional worlds become increasingly digitized, sticking to old cash-and-check payment systems means businesses are losing time and money. Even for companies that are already accepting card payments, investing in modernized and integrated processes improves efficiency; provides value through increased collections, lowered cash handling costs and incentives; and improves your business’s relationship with clients and customers, inspiring loyalty.

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