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Senior Administrative Assistant, University College
Danielle Signorile Extraordinary quality service is standard operating procedure for Danielle Signorile. "She is dogged in her pursuit of the right solution for the problems encountered by students, faculty and staff, never shunting problems off to others because 'they aren't her problems,'" says her boss, University College Dean John Bryan. Dani is not only unfailingly helpful, efficient, hard-working, energetic, positive, productive and generous, she is also a worker who leaves other people feeling good about their encounters with her. "I can't tell you how many times people have gone out of their ways to tell me what a pleasure it is to talk to her, to get her help," Bryan says. No task is outside her scope if she decides there is something that needs to be done. When she exhausts her flow of normal duties, such as reconciling budgets, assisting with payroll, handling correspondence, scheduling meetings or completing personnel appointments, she isn't above cheerfully reorganizing supply closets or scrubbing a sink, even though they aren't among her assigned duties. "This is a person who enjoys and gets satisfaction out of completing a job well. Work seems to be an opportunity to rise to the challenge and help her colleagues on a daily basis," says faculty member Eric Paulson.

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