University of Cincinnati College of Education

Praxis II Pass Rate: Regular Teacher Preparation Program

Academic year: 1999-2000
Testing period: 9/99-8/00

Type of Assessment # Taking Praxis II# Passing Praxis IIPass Rate (%)OH Passing ScoreOH Pass Rate (%)*Nat'l Pass Rate (%)**

Basic Skills
General Knowledge1414100%NA97%NA

Professional Knowledge
Professional Knowledge1515100%NA100%NA
Principles of Lrng. & Teaching K-6797494%16889%70%
Principles of Lrng. & Teaching 5-9*********16880%66%
Principles of Learning & Teaching 7-12373492%16595%83%

Academic Content Areas
Early Childhood Education1010100%57098%87%
Elementary Education: C/I/A7272100%16293%73%
English Lang., Lit. & Comm.10990%16782%68%

Earth Science*********15188%81%
General Science 1*********15589%74%
General Science 2*********14995%70%

Chemistry, Physics & Gen. Sci.*********52097%70%
Biology-Content Knowledge 1*********15887%76%
Biology-Content Knowledge 2*********14473%59%
Physics-Content Knowledge*********134no data34%

Biology & General Science*********560100%100%
Social Studes-Content Knowledge*********15792%73%
German-Content Knowledge*********165no data73%
German-Productive Lang. Skills*********169no data77%

French-Content Knowledge*********16083%85%
French-Productive Lang. Skills*********16967%66%
Spanish-Content Knowledge*********16075%76%
Spanish-Productive Lang. Skills*********16742%52%

Music Content Knowledge*********15494%78%
Art-Content Knowledge1010100%15795%88%
Special Education-Application of Core*********14798%72%

Special Education-Knowl-based Core*********15199%82%

Aggregate & Summary InstitutionNumber Taking AssessmentNumber Passing AssessmentInstitution Pass Rate#Statewide Taking Assessment#Statewide Passing AssessmentStatewide Pass Rate
Aggregate-Basic Skills1414100%3893375296%
Aggregate-Professional Knowledge13312594%7095678796%
Aggregate-Academic Content Areas13612995%6162576594%
Aggregate-Teaching Special Populations283882098%
Summary Totals and Pass Rates14212991%7266662291%
* The state passing rate is based on data collected from all Ohio individuals taking the Praxis II in 1999-2000, regardless of their status in teacher education programs. Some test takers may be sophomores and juniors. Others may not be enrolled in teacher education programs.

** The national passing rate is calculated at Ohio's cut scores, which are among the highest in the nation. For instance, Ohio requires the highest cut score in Principles of Learning and Teaching 5-9 (middle childhood) and ranks second in Principles of Learning and Teaching in K-6 and 7-12 (early childhood and adolescent/young adult).

*** Too few takers to report.

Contextual information:
# of students enrolled in teacher preparation, 1999-2000: 833
# of students in supervised student teaching, 1999-2000: 152

# of faculty supervising student teachers, 1999-2000: 27
full-time faculty supervising student teachers: 20
part-time faculty supervising student teachers: 7
student teacher/faculty ratio: 6 - 1

total faculty appointed full-time in professional education: 40

average number of student teaching hours required per week:
CITE: 20*
Art Ed: 32.50
Music Ed: 32.50
* for entire academic year

Total hours
CITE 720
Art Ed 325
Music Ed 455
total # of weeks of supervised student teaching required:
CITE: 36
Art Ed: 10
Music Ed 14
Total Number of Hours
CITE 630
Art Ed 325
Music Ed 455

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