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Newest Issue of Horizons Magazine

March 25, 2003

Art is all around us. This fact is made clear for the UC community in the newest edition of "Horizons" magazine, with features on the university's Fine Arts Collection and other objects of beauty and intrigue.


Watch Online CAS Lecture on Future of IT Industry

March 25, 2003

Charles Slaven of OverC International Inc. discussed the current and future prospects of the Information Technology (IT) marketplace and shared his views about the growing international aspects of the industry during a talk at the College of Applied Science. Check out the link at the bottom of CAS's story on the lecture to view Slaven's lecture online.


Lecture to Cover Topic of Bringing War Criminals to Justice

March 25, 2003

Sandra Coliver, executive director of the Center for Justice and Accountability, will talk on May 1 at the UC College of Law about "The Pursuit of Justice: A Legacy from Nuremburg to Bosnia." The lecture is co-hosted by UC's Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights and the Hebrew Union College's Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education.


Get Some Help With a 'Major' Life Decision

March 23, 2003

Instead of continuing to take random classes to figure out what he likes and doesn t like, UC freshmen Brad Sierer heeded some advice from his mom and from a poster.


Sociologist Studies War's Impact on Children

March 23, 2003

University of Cincinnati sociologist Steven Carlton-Ford says that in the best case scenario the next 12 months will see somewhere between 37,000-74,000 Iraqi civilians die as a result of the aftermath of war.


Sociologist Studies War's Impact on Children

March 23, 2003

UC sociologist Steve Carlton-Ford has spent years analyzing wars that occurred from 1946 to 1995. He estimates that over the next 12 months - in the best case scenario - 22,000-44,000 children under 5 will die as a result of the current war in Iraq.


Student Explores Major Options with the Pros

March 23, 2003

Tara Copanas is a 20-year-old UC student trying to figure out what major will be best for her career plans. For some guidance, she has turned to the new Center for Exploratory Studies.


UC Senior on Target in National Competition

March 20, 2003

University of Cincinnati design senior Jennifer Daggy, 23, has reached the finalist ranks in a national competition sponsored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Target Corporation.


NetWellness Receives Federal Funds

March 20, 2003

The University of Cincinnati (UC), with partners Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and The Ohio State University (OSU), will receive $750,000 in federal funding to support NetWellness (netwellness.org), the Internet health resource founded at UC in 1995


Historic Moment Awes White House Intern

March 19, 2003

For a student who fell in love with politics during the presidential campaign of 2000, nothing could top landing an internship on the White House staff.