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UC Engineers Get Edge with Accelerated BS-MS

August 3, 2003

UC launches a program that allows students to earn BS and MS degrees in mechanical and nuclear engineering, with internships and plenty of co-op job experience, in five years.


Graffiti Comes Out of the Shadows at Design College

July 31, 2003

Critics claim graffiti is unsightly at best, a form of expression to be actively discouraged, even fined. That would certainly mean that graffiti is "fine" art, contend local graffiti artists who came to share their perspective with UC industrial design and architecture students.


Mosaic Madness Strikes Design College

July 29, 2003

The heat is on literally as an international collection of ceramic artists, UC students and fine arts alumni get fired up to finish ten thousand tiles that will form dramatic mosaics at Cincinnati s newest park on the Ohio River.


Zimpher's Remarks Now Available On Web

July 29, 2003

Did you miss out on the chance to hear Dr. Nancy L. Zimpher's remarks last week after she was named the next president of the University of Cincinnati? Check out for yourself this transcript available online of her comments just after her selection became official.


Honors Scholar Takes the Trip of a Lifetime

July 27, 2003

University of Cincinnati Honors Scholar Ashley Allemang took the trip of a lifetime over spring break last March when she traveled with 22 others with the Honors Scholars Program to Belize.


Stay-At-Home Microbes

July 23, 2003

Stay-At-Home Microbes: Berkeley-Cincinnati Study Finds Micro-Organisms More Complicated Than We Thought. When it comes to plant life and animal life, a species usually shows genetic differences in different parts of the world.