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Raymond Walters College s Nursing Program Awarded Grant

September 14, 2003

Raymond Walters Nursing program recently received a Workforce Diversity grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. The objective of the grant award is to increase diversity in the nursing profession.


RWC Welcomes New Dean

September 8, 2003

Dolores Straker joins Raymond Walters College as dean after years with the City University of New York.


Raymond Walters College Names Honor Student of the Year

June 24, 2003

Each year Raymond Walters College selects a student with a high grade point average, a desire to succeed, a well-rounded personality, and the ability to give back to the college and community as the Honor Student of the Year.


Award-Winning Alum Goes from Warehouse to Board Room

April 15, 2003

Raymond Walters College named Eric Broyles as this year's Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. Broyles graduated high school at the bottom of his class, but perservered at RWC. He's been so successful since that he was able to buy the company where he worked part-time as a college student.


Poetry Month Events Planned at RWC

March 3, 2003

University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters College celebrates National Poetry Month this April with poet Pauletta Hansel, a perfornance of MacBeth by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, and poetry-writing contests for both high school students and the RWC community.