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M.B. Reilly is Executive Director of Media Relations + Content and UC’s Spokesperson.

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DAAP Grant of Nearly $2 Million Promises New Brand of Success 

March 30, 2005

How to grow even when markets don t that s the question UC's Center for Design, Research and Innovation will help answer.  The center just received a $1,886,563 grant, to be shared with a local business, to improve product design and manufacturing processes.  It s a big win for the Cincinnati area.


Courting Trouble: The Co-op Trap

August 9, 2005

Basketball great and businessman Oscar Robertson nearly lost his eligibility to play the game due to co-op. He had to cut his co-op career short to stay on the court.


Drowning In Work

August 9, 2005

University of Cincinnati co-ops bailed out the city during the Great Flood of 1937. But that's not the only role they played in local history. UC co-ops also helped fill in the canal that became Central Parkway, survey the communities of Mariemont and Green Hills, and build such emblematic structures as the Carew Tower and Union Terminal.


A Few Co-op Alums

August 9, 2005

Through their co-ops, our one-time students moved into doing everything from creating Hollywood special effects to running hotel corporations.


Just the (Co-op) Facts

August 9, 2005

The University of Cincinnati drives the Cadillac of co-op programs and rightly crows about its role as the first to found the educational practice. Below are some background facts about co-op and the laurel wreaths of "firsts" we wear.


A Letter Home: A Cincinnati Co-op Killed in Action

August 9, 2005

Co-op's really big Band of Brothers (and sisters) were in a class all their own during World War II. Women co-ops were fit to step into the roles traditionally held by men on the homefront while both men and women co-ops served everywhere from Iceland to Egypt. Some never came home. 


Oh, the places they go!

August 9, 2005

The purists would say that we ve always had international co-op even though the official international program didn't begin at UC till 1990. However, from the first, UC co-ops were off and working abroad, to Britain in the far north and Brazil in the far south. The Seussical tribute below plays tribute to the lengths (and distances) our students will go to achieve their goals.