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Co-op By The Numbers: As Easy As 1-2-3

August 15, 2005

The story of co-op is clearly the story of young people learning and growing over a century's worth of time.  But just in case you like lists, below are some stats and figures.


18-Karat Co-ops

August 9, 2005

Co-op leaves an imprint for life on students, and often, on the firms they work for. Co-op has been a life-saver and a career-maker for many. Below is a brief sampling.


How Co-op Differs From Internships

August 9, 2005

Cooperative education s purists gasp (or sigh resignedly) whenever anyone innocently wonders aloud about the difference between co-op and internships. So, just for the record: No, co-op and internships are not quite the same thing.


Students Go Fishing for Answers in the Mediterranean

August 14, 2005

University of Cincinnati students and faculty are at work on the Greek island of Santorini, trying to turn the tide on tourism practices doing damage to the environment and culture there. As they research and seek answers on behalf of the residents, students are sending reports back. Here s the latest from Christina Scarpitti.


They called me the 120-pound wonder from UC.

August 9, 2005

As the Great Depression wrung out the 1930s, co-op literally became a driver toward a more prosperous future. Fueled by urgency, faculty packed students into cars, caravanning to factories throughout Ohio.  Whenever they found a job, they left a student to take it. Others, like John Sherman below, found work in a federal programs. 


Postcard from Italy: Students Studying Cities Abroad

August 22, 2005

Ten students from UC s top-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning are in Europe, making use of their  urban-design skills in Sardinia, Italy.  Below is a letter home sent by student Susan Strick about her first week abroad.


Co-op at Nike Says, "I Can't Wait Till Tomorrow!'"

August 22, 2005

University of Cincinnati fashion student Sarah Knight is on co-op at Nike, Inc.  She calls it the opportunity of a lifetime, adding, "Not too many people can leave work and say, 'I can't wait till tomorrow!'"


A Woman's Place...

August 9, 2005

Women didn't skirt the tough challenges of co-op. According to Mary Blood who entered the program in 1921, she and her fellow "co-eps" packed Crisco during early mornings at a Procter & Gamble factory. They also hauled lumber and became handy with crowbars too.


Herman Receives an Unringing Endorsement to Test Run His Idea

August 9, 2005

Co-op was criticized from the first.  Labor organizers though it might be a scheme to train strike breakers, and many a manufacturer was unwilling to take on mere schoolboys.  And even within the academy, faculty were openly hostile to the notion, predicting it would languish and die.