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UC's new Clifton Court Hall reaches major milestone

May 25, 2022

The final beam was hoisted high above Clifton Avenue this month in the topping off ceremony for Clifton Court Hall, one of the latest additions to the University of Cincinnati’s uptown west campus. Situated near the northwest corner of campus, the 185,000 square foot structure will house several departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, in addition to 24 classrooms, 230 faculty and staff offices when it opens in spring of 2023.

UC research institute hosts first annual festival of sensing

May 13, 2022

UC’s Institute for Research in Sensing (IRiS) hosts its first annual Expo & Festival of Sensing next month to convene an interdisciplinary conference exploring the topic of sensing in all its forms, from the sciences to the humanities.   The event will be held on May 25 and 26 in Tangeman University Center, 2600 Clifton Ave., and is open to faculty, staff, students and the public.   The conference brings together representatives from across disciplines—from engineering, biology, ethics, the humanities, performing arts and more—to explore sensing through a variety of lenses, says IRiS director and associate professor of biology Nathan Morehouse.   “We hope the IRiS event raises awareness of the amazing breadth of work happing on sensing at UC, while at the same time stimulating new conversations between the sciences, engineering, the arts and humanities,” he said.  

UC research sheds light on historically marginalized communities

May 12, 2022

At the University of Cincinnati’s College of Art and Sciences (A&S), students are often given the opportunity to complete in-depth research tailored to their individual interests. For two graduate students in the history department, this research included challenging the notion that the only research with impact is done by those in white lab coats. Maurice Adkins and Katherine Ranum have spent their graduate school years bringing to light stories of marginalized people, helping to fill gaps within U.S. historical studies. As a result, many institutions are taking notice of Adkins and Ranum, rewarding them with fellowships that allow them to continue their efforts to make historical research more inclusive. Adkins, a recent graduate from the history department’s doctorate program, spent seven years traveling between Cincinnati and North Carolina, scouring archives and hunting down public records to complete his dissertation, which explores Black leadership at historically Black col- leges and Universities (HBCUs) in North Carolina from 1863-1931. This quickly became laborious, Adkins says, due to the underfunding that many HBCUs have faced historically, resulting in poorer record keeping than that of other universities.

UC mock trial team makes elite national competition

May 11, 2022

Each spring, in hundreds of nondescript rooms across the country, around 700 collegiate mock trial teams compete. Team members collaborate to create compelling arguments, for both the mock defense and prosecution, to win their respective cases. Tensions run high and each team member must be fully prepared and in character to advance to the national competition. Only seven percent of all collegiate teams qualify, and UC’s team joined the elite competition this year for the first time since 2019, appearing in the American Mock Trial Association’s national championship in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in April. UC’s team is comprised mainly of students from the College of Arts and Science, with more than two-thirds of the nationals team enrolled in an A&S major. The UC Mock Trial Team had the unique opportunity of competing with all-female team with co-captains Divya Kumar and Zophia Pittman-Jones leading. Kumar, who has been on the team since her first year at UC, is a third-year history major. She was awarded an All-American Attorney Award at Nationals.

What is Arabic Studies? 

May 9, 2022

Have you ever considered learning another language? Exploring a different culture, religion, or society? If so, you may want to learn more about the Arabic Studies program offered through the University of Cincinnati. Encompassing twenty-two countries and Palestine, the Arab world has a population of about 300 million people, and more than a billion people use Arabic as a vital component of their daily lives. In fact, in 1974 the United Nations adopted Arabic as one of its six official languages. The Arabic world has strategic significance for the US government and military, creating a demand for its speakers and incentive for more learners. Offered through UC’s College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), Arabic Studies offers students a robust, topical course selection ranging from language and literature to explorations of Middle East politics.

UC Judaic Studies professor makes local, international impact

April 29, 2022

Gila Safran-Naveh has been invited to present a paper at the 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies in August 2022, which would have been a fitting conclusion to her 35-year career as a professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati. But it will not be the end of her career. Though she tendered her resignation in January 2022, she was quickly invited back to teach as a professor emerita, a tribute to her life’s body of work and legacy at UC’s College of Arts and Sciences. Over the past 35 years at UC, Safran-Naveh has helped grow Judaic Studies from a program to an entire department, changing the view of Judaic Studies at the University and in Cincinnati as the Endowed Chair of the Jewish Foundation.

UC grad finds passion in telling Black women’s stories

April 19, 2022

When Brande Victorian changed her UC major to journalism, she found what she says was “the perfect fit.” The 2007 graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences took her skills and ran with them, carving a career in the competitive field of writing that has taken her from medical publishing to an editor’s role at a leading magazine for Black women. Currently the senior editor of entertainment for Essence magazine, Victorian was honored this month with the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from the A&S Alumni Association. The award is conferred annually on an A&S grad under age 40 with significant achievements in their field, and active involvement with the university. Prior to becoming a part of the Essence family, Victorian contributed to a variety of different publications, including Clutch Magazine, Vibe Vixen and Madame Noire. She has been profiled by Pose magazine, and featured in Jezebel and on the talk show The Real. Her passion for writing the stories of Black women’s lives continues in her role at Essence. As a Black woman herself, Victorian shares the story of who inspires her, how she was able to become a journalist despite obstacles, and advice for young Black women starting out in journalism.

UC appoints new Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati chair

April 15, 2022

The Department of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati has appointed Jennifer Caplan as the new Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Chair in Judaic Studies. “We are excited that Dr. Caplan will be joining our faculty,” says Matthew Kraus, head of the Department of Judaic Studies. “Her expertise in modern Jewish religion and culture are essential to a comprehensive and relevant understanding of Jewish studies.” Caplan’s book “Funny, You Don't Look Funny: Judaism and Humor from the Silent Generation to Millennials” (Wayne State University Press) demonstrates how Jewish humor marks developments in the Jewish identity, Jewish religion, and the concept of religion itself and will be coming out soon.

What is International Affairs? 

April 14, 2022

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for any global issue, the University of Cincinnati’s international affairs program aims to equip undergraduate students with the necessary, transferrable skills that allow them to examine a broad range of international and global issues using methods and conceptual frameworks from different disciplines. Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, this major combines a wide range of other disciplines such as political science; history; economics; women’s, gender and sexuality studies; journalism; environmental studies; geography; foreign languages, and other areas.  

UC to host event exploring evolving artificial intelligence

April 4, 2022

A conference and workshop to analyze the practical and ethical impact of artificial intelligence (A.I.) will be hosted this month by UC’s department of philosophy, the Institute for Research and Sensing (IRiS), with support from the Taft Research Center. “Machine Learning, Abstract Thought, and the Expanding Reach of AI: Ethical and Conceptual Frontiers” will be held April 7 -8 from 1 .m. to 6 p.m. in Probasco Auditorium, 2839 Clifton Ave., with a welcome address by UC Provost Valerio Ferme at 1 p.m. on Thursday. The conference portion of the event is free and open to the public.

UC to host free, public geoscience events

March 30, 2022

Current college students, high school students interested in geosciences, and families with young children who like fossils can all attend and participate in two free and public geoscience events this April.     The events, planned and hosted by the University of Cincinnati and other local universities, will include a virtual open house with geoscience professionals and two outdoor walks designed to provide guests a hands-on learning experience.    Now that the weather is finally warming up, there is no better time to get out and learn alongside professional geologists and other geology aficionados.    Meant to work in tandem with the joint North-Central and Southeastern Geological Society of America 2022 Section Meeting in Cincinnati from April 7 to 9, the events are free to the public and intended to bring attention to geoscience. 

From IRAs to IPAs: UC grad makes his mark

March 22, 2022

After earning a political science degree and a wrapping up a successful career in finance, Dave Williams was ready for a change. Williams, who graduated from UC’s College of Arts and Sciences, was 59 years old at the time and had no interest in retiring. So he made his next move, co-founding Taft’s Ale House in the heart of Over-the-Rhine. Since opening seven years ago, the award-winning ale house has become a thriving enterprise in Cincinnati’s burgeoning brewery business. But what leads a political science major to a career in finance and eventual entrepreneurship? Williams credits his liberal arts education, and experiences at UC, with giving him the flexibility—and helping him develop the skill sets—that would lay the groundwork for his professional paths. “The beauty of an arts and sciences degree—in my opinion—is it doesn’t pigeonhole you,” he says. “It gives you a broader look at the world.” Williams also credits being student body president his senior year as giving him exposure to a lot of people in a world that he “didn’t know much about.”

UC College of Arts and Sciences to celebrate alumni awards

March 22, 2022

Four alumni from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences are being recognized for contributions to their professions, their communities and the university next month. Nominated by fellow alumni, faculty or staff and chosen by the college, this year’s honorees include Darlene Walley, chemistry; Shannon E. Finn Connell, ’92, psychology; Charles Barnett, ’71, history; and Brande Victorian, ’07, journalism. They will be formally celebrated at A Night With A&S: A Celebration of Excellence and Philanthropy on April 6.

UC summer classes offer flexibility, opportunity

March 16, 2022

Whether you want to stay on track with your degree, get ahead on academics or study subjects you're passionate about, summer classes at UC College of Arts and Sciences offer students a wide variety of opportunity. With six sessions open, courses are flexible to work with your summer plans. And with hundreds of classes from which to choose--from environmental ethics to introduction to international relations--students can find courses to either enrich their understanding of the world, push their degrees forward, or both.

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