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UC to offer certificate in disability studies

June 30, 2022

Students at the University of Cincinnati will be able to enroll to earn a certificate in disability studies in fall semester, 2022. Offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, the certificate will explore the experiences of disabled people, and the role of the disability community and the community at large in addressing equity, access and justice. The creation of the certificate program was inspired in part by the experiences of students, says Cheli Reutter, associate professor of American and African-American literature, who helped develop the program.

A&S Black alumni, faculty honored at Onyx & Ruby Gala

March 8, 2022

University of Cincinnati alumni, faculty, staff and students gathered in February to honor African American leaders and achievers at the 2022 Onyx & Ruby Gala. Awardees included College of Arts & Sciences alumni N. John Bey and Maurice Stewart, and professor of English LaVerne Summerlin, who recently marked her 50th anniversary on faculty at UC. Summerlin received the Tower of Strength award, which recognizes a UC faculty or staff member for shaping students’ personal and professional development. Summerlin, who has been at UC since 1970, has received over 20 educational and teaching awards, including the A.B. Dolly Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching.

What is English?

February 8, 2022

If you’re thinking about majoring in English as a college undergraduate, you may be wondering about the benefits of studying a language you already know. Regardless of your professional goals, there is no doubt most careers require refined reading, writing and critical thinking skills. The University of Cincinnati’s Department of English, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers academic routes that align with students’ career goals and personal interests. Whether you want to become an educator, author or enter the corporate or non-profit worlds, students in the English program learn the necessary skills that help them stand out in the job market. English is an interdisciplinary field that combines scholarly and creative work, in additional to tracks with professional applications. Students are given the liberty to pursue various academic routes. Lisa Beckelheimer, director of undergraduate studies, explains that the program was revised about three years ago to better suit the professional and creative needs of students.

UC professor LaVerne Summerlin celebrates over 50 years

January 20, 2022

Only 15 years before professor of English LaVerne Summerlin joined UC’s faculty, Rosa Parks took her place on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and changed history. With the country on the cusp of seismic civil rights change, Summerlin joined UC’s faculty in 1970, and since, she has exerted her own quiet influence on classes, academic programs, and campus culture—changing history in her own way. Summerlin will be honored at UC’s 2022 Onyx & Ruby Gala, which each year recognizes the achievements of Black alumni, faculty and staff for their achievements at UC. She will receive the Tower of Strength Award for shaping students’ personal and professional development.

UC students help community partners with business solutions

June 3, 2021

Three teams of English majors from UC’s College of Arts and Sciences assembled on a late Wednesday afternoon in April for a Zoom presentation. For their clients, they had prepared strategic business guidelines on topics from social media to grant writing and funding proposals to digital volunteer manuals. “Deliverables” in the business sense aren’t usually associated with liberal arts studies. But for students in this Professional Writing Capstone Class, offered through the department of English, it has become a familiar term. Using skills such as strategic analysis, web design, project management and research, the student teams prepared their deliverables for Cincinnati-area clients such as the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati, The American Cancer Society Discovery Store and more.

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