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UC Judaic Studies professor makes local, international impact

April 29, 2022

Gila Safran-Naveh has been invited to present a paper at the 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies in August 2022, which would have been a fitting conclusion to her 35-year career as a professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati. But it will not be the end of her career. Though she tendered her resignation in January 2022, she was quickly invited back to teach as a professor emerita, a tribute to her life’s body of work and legacy at UC’s College of Arts and Sciences. Over the past 35 years at UC, Safran-Naveh has helped grow Judaic Studies from a program to an entire department, changing the view of Judaic Studies at the University and in Cincinnati as the Endowed Chair of the Jewish Foundation.

UC appoints new Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati chair

April 15, 2022

The Department of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati has appointed Jennifer Caplan as the new Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Chair in Judaic Studies. “We are excited that Dr. Caplan will be joining our faculty,” says Matthew Kraus, head of the Department of Judaic Studies. “Her expertise in modern Jewish religion and culture are essential to a comprehensive and relevant understanding of Jewish studies.” Caplan’s book “Funny, You Don't Look Funny: Judaism and Humor from the Silent Generation to Millennials” (Wayne State University Press) demonstrates how Jewish humor marks developments in the Jewish identity, Jewish religion, and the concept of religion itself and will be coming out soon.

UC faculty recognized for innovative instruction

February 16, 2022

Three faculty members in UC’s College of Arts and Sciences have received awards for bringing new thinking to classroom learning by the college’s Instructional Innovation Advisory Committee (iiAC). The Dean’s Award for Innovative Instruction is conferred on faculty who break new ground in teaching approaches, and the A&S Course Release Award grants the recipient a break from the usual teaching schedule to fully develop new or enhance existing courses. Both are awarded annually, and come with financial stipends.

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