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Nineteen faculty join College of Engineering and Applied Science...

November 23, 2022

The University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science continues to expand with the addition of nineteen new faculty members in 2022. Two professors were announced in January. Seventeen faculty members joined CEAS at the start of the fall semester, including two new department heads: Ying Sun, head of the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and Justin Zhan, head of the newly established Department of Computer Science.


Ohio Cyber Range Institute hosts cybersecurity symposium

October 13, 2022

Continual innovation and more individuals who are trained to combat an array of malicious actors and evolving threats are needed in cybersecurity, experts in the field said during a symposium at the University of Cincinnati.


UC engineering professor honored for achievements in...

October 7, 2022

Andrew Steckl, professor of electrical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, was awarded the Electronics and Photonics Award from the Electrochemical Society (ECS). Steckl pioneered the field of rare-earth electroluminescent materials incorporated in semiconductors, creating bright beautiful colors used in digital flat screens. His research also includes biosensors for medical applications.


Local 12: UC scientist develops one-of-a-kind sensor

August 19, 2022

UC College of Engineering and Applied Science assistant professor Yeongin Kim tells Local 12 about the new new wearable technology he and his research colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed. The wireless, chipless device is durable but comfortable and does not require bulky electronics.


Wireless sensor fits like a second skin

August 18, 2022

A University of Cincinnati electrical engineer has created a new flexible skin sensor that fits like a Band-Aid to monitor your health wirelessly without bulky electronics. Unlike previous generations of wearable sensors, the design has no rigid parts and relies on surface acoustic wave technology to transmit health data wirelessly.


Computer appreciation class highlights technology’s impact on...

August 18, 2022

Ever wonder how everyday technology works? Your phone? Gaming systems? Search? A new University of Cincinnati course offered this fall, ‘CS-CA1001: Computer Appreciation: Thinking and Creating Like a Computer Scientist,’ is designed to give students of all majors an introduction into the field of computer science. The goal of the course is to demystify various aspects of computer science, including how computing machines are harnessed to solve problems in game playing, discover information, and control simple robots. The course will also cover the implications of computing technologies on safety, security, and ethics.


Spectrum News: Cincinnati recruits high-tech manufacturing

August 10, 2022

Spectrum News visits the Mantei Center clean room where University of Cincinnati students work on microchips and other electronics. UC professor Rashmi Jha said students are preparing to work in Ohio's growing high-tech industry.


UC co-op medalist thrives in NASA internships

May 10, 2022

University of Cincinnati student Anna Lanzillotta dreamed of working as an engineer in the aerospace and aviation industry. Now, Lanzillotta is graduating with an electrical engineering degree, experience working at NASA for four cooperative education jobs, and a full-time job in the aerospace industry. Lanzillotta was selected for the 2022 Herman Schneider Medal, which is awarded annually to a graduating senior in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science for distinction as an exemplary co-op student who has taken full advantage of the unique opportunities of cooperative education.


Engineering students showcase capstone projects at CEAS Expo

May 6, 2022

Graduating engineering undergraduates from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science gathered for the inaugural CEAS Expo in April to showcase their senior capstone projects to more than 500 attendees, including faculty, staff, alumni and industry representatives. The event, organized by the college and CEAS Tribunal student government, was held in downtown Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Convention Center.


What is cybersecurity engineering?

Cybersecurity is an increasingly popular topic in the news, job demand, and specialty that engineers can focus on. Our new undergraduate cybersecurity engineering program offers the ability to co-op and make a difference through cyber.

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