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User's Responsibility

The function of the Parking Services Office is to make parking as convenient as possible within constraints imposed by demand, available space and cost. The entire operation is self-sustaining through fees collected from users. Income derived from fees is used to cover operation expenses (e.g., paying debt on garages, and road/lot repairs).

Loading & Unloading

Parking for loading and unloading up to 30 minutes will be granted when necessary. Permission and passes must be obtained from Parking Services at 4 Edwards Center and are valid only in the designated location.

When loading dock access is needed on the Medical, West, UC Blue Ash, UC Clermont or Victory Parkway properties, a specific request for their use must be made.

Established garage rates will be charged for loading and unloading in garages on the Medical and West campuses. A valid load/unload permit must be displayed at all times while loading or unloading.


Revenue and expenses infographic


Voucher Pass Order Form

Visitor Parking will be charged to the designated department's voucher account as vouchers are used. You may wish to use our convenient form to track vouchers through the accounting process.

Your visitors may appreciate a copy of the instructions on how to use the vouchers. Print several pages, and cut them into quarters.

Special Parking Request Form

The Special Parking Request Form is used to request parking for an event on campus for an individual or group of people who need to park, but are not affiliated with the university and do not have valid parking permits.

Special Parking Request Form Instructions

When submitting a special parking request form, please complete the form in its entirety as applicable to your event. If there is information you would like to include but there is no defined area, please add information to the comment section and submit.

If paying by credit card, please do not enter your credit card information on this form as it is only needed when picking up your request.

1819 Employee Parking Request

Use the 1819 Innovation Hub Parking request form to order permits for your employees. Please be sure to include all of the requested information for each person for whom parking is needed.

1819 Visitor Coupons Form

The 1819 Coupons Request form allows occupants to give their visitors a voucher to get out of the parking lot. You can submit a request for them below. Please read the instructions carefully. 

Retiree/Emeriti Parking Form

Retirees and emeriti may apply for a permit allowing up to three hours of complimentary parking when visiting the University of Cincinnati. You will be permitted to park in any garage unless the "FULL" light is on display.

For emeriti, this does not replace the permit that you might have for a specific garage. This special card is for use in facilities other than your assigned permit facility.

Be sure to reapply for renewal prior to the expiration date on your card.

Frequently Asked Questions