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Starfish Champions

2019 Starfish Champion Award Winners Expand

The Starfish Champion Awards were given on May 8, 2019 to the following six staff and faculty members for their exceptional advocacy of Starfish.


Starfish Faculty Champion Awards

  • Dr. Brian Kinkle, Professor Biological Sciences: Dr. Kinkle was one of the earliest adopters of Starfish Early Alert. Not only is he one of the biggest users, he is also one of the biggest advocates. Without his support, other STEM faculty, such as Dr.  Nodzak would not be users today. We appreciate his continued support and impact.

Starfish Advising Champion Awards

  • Deborah Gray, Director of Student Affairs & Retention, College of Nursing: Deborah was instrumental in not only bringing Starfish to the College of Nursing but to its continued retention success.  She organized training for the faculty (who have never used Starfish before), advisors, and staff members. They had 1,452 advising meetings and 2,317 student testing appointments.  23 faculty, for 68 unique courses, raised 790 flags and 1,615 kudos.  They reached 725 unique students over the academic year.  
  • Kevin Kingman, Senior Academic Advisor, UCBA: Kevin has been a great partner to the Starfish team. He is dedicated to the success of starfish and continues to find ways to improve it. He always is one to ask questions and raise concerns so they can be addressed and improved. We appreciate his ideas and willingness to speak up.
  • Kelly Rawe, Assistant Director & Shea Cummings, Academic Advisor, CECH: Kelly & Shea have spearheaded several initiatives in CECH using Starfish. They participated in the implementation of Success plans for the college and also have started using Starfish to register for group advising appointments. Their innovations have spread to other teams within CECH and other colleges.
  • Michela Buccini, Assistant Director, Learning Commons: When Michela started her position in the Learning Commons she hit the ground running to implement Success Plans with select colleges. She did not stop there but went on to spread the good word about Success Plans to other colleges and the benefits of Starfish to the wider Student Affairs community. She has been a true advocate for Starfish by continuing the momentum of collaboration across campus.
Starfish Champions group photo

L-R: Denise Ellis (Starfish Project Manager), Deborah Gray, Kevin Kingman, Kelly Rawe, Shea Cummings, Michela Buccini, Donnie McGovern (Pathways Director)