Starfish for Advisors & Staff

Starfish is an appointment scheduling tool that allows your students to schedule meetings with you online (Starfish CONNECT). Starfish is furthermore designed to improve communication between you and your students at pre-determined touch points during the semester (Starfish EARLY ALERT).


Starfish CONNECT is designed to facilitate online appointment scheduling with advisors, instructors, and other UC departments. It also fosters the development of a student success network, comprised of advisors, instructors, tutors, and other resources on campus who help facilitate student success.


Starfish EARLY ALERT is designed to facilitate communication between instructors and students. It allows instructors to provide early feedback to students through the use of targeted e-mail and text messages. Academic advisors and other staff on campus may be able to view these messages and provide additional support to the student. These alerts can address concerns and additionally offer praise.


Need assistance?

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