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Pre-Health Internship Program

pre-health internship program

Recommended Course Sequence: Pre-Health Internship Program

The Pre-Health Internship Program within the Division Experience Based Learning and Career Education consists of courses and academic internships for pre-health students.

Read the course descriptions below and learn more from the Division of Experience Based Learning and Career Education 


PD 1000: Exploring Health Professions

Exploring Health Professions is designed to help students gain a wider and deeper understanding of the variety of health professions and how to most effectively prepare for entry into the professions. Students will explore the human side of healthcare, including professionalism, ethical behaviors, healthcare disparities, cross-cultural care, and interprofessional collaboration.

After successful completion of PD 1000, students will have the option to gain real world experience in a healthcare setting and course credit by registering for a Health Professions Internship (INT3001).


PD 2001: Advancing Success on the Pre-Health Pathway

This seminar is a sophomore progression course aligned with PD 1000 Exploring Health Professions. The course is focused on application, integration and deepening knowledge of curricular content for pre-health students including research, professional development, Pre-Professional application preparation, and experiential learning.


INT 3001: Health Professions Internship

The Experiential Learning in the Health Professions course sequence is designed to provide a venue for reflection, assessment, and support to students engaged in such experiences. Students may choose to participate in this course sequence following the successful completion of Exploring Health Professions (PD1000). Each course in the sequence will provide students with specific topics to explore during their experience and challenge them to reflect on those topics and experiential learning in general.

For more information, on these courses contact Erin Alanson, Interim Program Director of Pre-Health Internships at

Check out this video from the Division of Experience Based Learning and Career Education. This UC student describing her experience in the Pre-Health Internship program is now a pharmacy student at UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy!