FAQ and Spencer's Pending Event

October 27, 2017

Dear UC Community,

I know our community is struggling with my decision to allow Richard Spencer to speak on campus.  That’s what made it the most difficult of my career, balancing our core values of inclusion and free expression.  Making the tough call for our university would mean testing the fortitude of our community.  And clearly it has.  Because your anguish is real and your frustration is understandable.  But I believed then, as I passionately do now, that we will come away from this decidedly stronger as an academic community, driven as much by our hearts as our heads.  

The date and location of Spencer’s event have yet to be determined; however, we anticipate that it will occur in early 2018.  Once these details are confirmed, we will promptly communicate them to you and the community.  Know that, every step of the way, your safety and well-being will be our top priority. 

It is worth underscoring that Spencer was not invited by the University or by any of its constituents.  His hate, prejudice and racism have been roundly condemned by countless individuals and groups across campus, including our Board of Trustees.  We must continue to do so—today, tomorrow and together. 

We have created a website designed to answer many of your most pressing questions.  It includes a variety of resolutions, statements and videos reaffirming our core values.  Please note that the website will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

Our students, as always, are leading the way in building awareness, unity and support when we need them the most.  Their #WeChooseLove campaign and video are truly inspiring. 

Several members of our University and the broader community recently came together to show the world who we are, what we believe and why it matters with this video.


We invite you to join us in speaking up and out in the best way you see fit.


Neville G. Pinto