2018 News

Update on Uninvited Speaker

April 25, 2018
University Pavilion, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear UC Community,

It is a pleasure to share with you the news that representatives of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer have dismissed the lawsuit they had filed against the University of Cincinnati. As a result, there are currently no plans for Spencer to speak at UC.

As you may recall, no one at UC invited Spencer to come to our campus. His supporters had approached us as a public university to provide a date for him to speak. In line with our commitment to free speech, we proposed a date during our Spring Break – a date that we felt would maximize the safety of our community. However, that proposal was contingent on the conditions that he sign the university’s standard rental agreement and pay a security and rental fee. His representatives instead refused to comply with those requirements and filed a lawsuit against UC. The university held firm in its position and chose to defend against the suit in court.

While this has been a trying time for our community and one that tested our commitment to free speech, it has also prompted difficult conversations about how freedom of expression intertwines with our commitment to equity and inclusion. When we grapple with complex questions, it can often lead to greater understanding and positive change. I believe that has been the case and this trying time has made us even stronger.  Our appreciation for the value of an inclusive culture has heightened and deepened. 

In my first message to the community on the uninvited speaker I asked for your patience, support and understanding and I want to take this time to thank you for living our Bearcats values into action with such integrity and respect. Let’s continue to build on the greater awareness and resolve that has been the outcome of these events and remain united in our choice of love over hate. The power of inclusion is our strength.


Neville G. Pinto