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Remarks by President Zimpher to the Board of Trustees, September 23, 2008


Thank you Mr. Niehoff.  A little later this morning, I will be presenting the UC|21 Report Card.  It’s filled with good news as well, but let me begin here:

On Sunday, we opened the new school year with a tremendously successful Convocation, complete with Thane Maynard of the Cincinnati Zoo and his friends, Lucy the bearcat who has grown since I first met her, a Spectacled Owl, and a Penguin.  And you were here to participate and to witness, and there were thousands of new students and parents and family and loved ones on campus.  It was truly an exciting opener.

On Friday, Sandy Smith of my office coordinated an impromptu drive to collect flashlights to donate to the University of Dayton to give to their students as UD was still without electricity following our local brush with Hurricane Ike – a small act of kindness but duly appreciated.  And so I certainly want to thank Duke Energy who donated 100 of those flashlights, but we, the department of Public Safety, Campus Services and Facilities Management, everybody got in the game late on Friday afternoon:  Gene Ferrara, Felicia Cruise, Jeff Polly, Steve Sayers, Rick Wiggins, Cheryl McDonald, Ron Mays and Linda Schoenhoft and CEO Sandra Meyer who took time out of everything that must have been happening to help us help UD, as well as from Duke, Tony Platz, Kenny Smith, Nancy Plaetz, Glen Storer and Teresa Hill.  You wouldn’t have to name all those names, but on Friday afternoon people are pretty much done in the week and to rise to the challenge and be able to help our sister institution was a real nice thing for us to do.

On the rankings front, The Princeton Review has recognized UC in three significant ways, first, the overall university ranking as one the nation’s best colleges and universities. In addition, UC was identified as No. 19 on the list of the nation’s most diverse schools. And thirdly, The Princeton Review teamed with Entrepreneur Magazine to do a ranking, placing our undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the College of Business among the top 25.  We love The Princeton Review.

Reduced energy usage at UC over the last four years has held energy costs steady, avoiding an estimated $10 million in costs. As global energy prices continue to rise, UC has implemented an energy plan to reduce its energy usage for the next six years, building on the efforts of the past few decades.

Ryan Rosensweig may have more to tell about this later, but Student Government has worked with the university administration to launch “It’s Your Call,” a non-partisan campaign to register 3,000 new voters at UC.  This program includes a partnership with university offices and student groups to offer debate watching events and other major events during this campaign period.

Two openings I would like to mention.  On August 18, the Lindner Center of HOPE officially opened its doors to patients. The center, staffed by our College of Medicine faculty, provides mental health diagnostic and treatment services. Located in Mason, it features 64 beds for adolescents, adults and senior adults and is fully integrated with outpatient services, including psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, education, rehabilitation and expert consultations. Paul Keck, vice chair and professor of psychiatry, serves as the center’s president and chief executive officer.

And then again, on Sept. 9 and 10, we celebrated the grand opening of the Center for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE)/Crawley Building, ushering in a new era of discovery for UC. Again, many of you participated in this grand opening.  The new building at the corner of Eden Avenue and Albert Sabin Way features a nine-story glass atrium bringing the CARE/Crawley Building and providing almost 240,000 square feet of additional space on our medical campus for research and teaching. In addition, the CARE/Crawley is the new home of the health sciences library, named for former Senior Vice President and Provost for Health Affairs, Donald Harrison.

On Wednesday, finally, as classes open, we have a new entrepreneurship/family business major in the College of Business; a new undergraduate major in neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences; a new master's in engineering and a minor in sustainable urban engineering in the College of Engineering, and a charter class in a master of public health degree on the health campus. And the geography department - in partnership with Chinese University, Sun Yat-sen University, begins a new undergraduate degree program in Geographic Information Sciences.