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To:   UC Community
Re:   Nominees Sought for UC|21 Implementation Structure
From:   Nancy L. Zimpher, President
Date:   September 16, 2004

With faculty and students returning to campus filled with excitement and anticipation about the opening of a new academic year, we should all be proud of the new direction we have set and are determined to actualize with UC|21: Defining the New Urban Research University. It is critical that we take steps to weave UC|21 into the fabric of our institution, continue the momentum created by this effort, and take our plan to the next level. This memo is intended to provide an update on this process going forward and to invite your continued participation in our academic planning.

To move our plan forward, I have created a UC|21 Strategic Planning Council to guide our implementation. We have identified resources to support the launch of this effort and with your help will be creating new sources of revenue. Not only will we define the New Urban Research University, we will develop the next great Urban Research University in the process.

Provost Tony Perzigian will chair the UC|21 Strategic Planning Council, and Provost Jane Henney will serve as the Vice Chair. Three key committees will report to this council:

1) The Implementation Committee: The charge of this committee is to develop and present to the UC|21 Strategic Planning Council implementation plans associated with the six goals that emerged out of the Comprehensive Academic Planning Process.

2) The Resource Support Committee: The charge of this committee is to develop a plan to move UC to a performance-based budgeting system and to implement the “50 in 5,” a plan to increase our revenues through strategic enrollment research and entrepreneurial growth.

3) The Support & Accountability Committee: The charge of this committee is to work with the Implementation Committee in developing clear and measurable benchmarks that are linked to implementation timelines, assessment indicators that monitor progress towards benchmarks, and the continuous improvement infrastructure support needed to carry out implementation plans.

The Implementation Committee will facilitate and work with six Implementation Teams that will develop implementation plans associated with the strategic goals of UC|21:

  • Place Students at the Center
  • Grow our Research Excellence
  • Achieve Academic Excellence
  • Forge Key Relationships and Partnerships
  • Establish a Sense of “Place”
  • Create Opportunity

We are committed to an inclusive and participatory process, and we seek nominations of students, full-, part-time and emeriti faculty, staff, alumni and representatives of the broader community to serve on the three committees and six implementation teams outlined above. Please send all nominations (including name, phone, e-mail address) to Provost Perzigian by October 1, 2004, via email to anthony.perzigian@uc.edu. Self-nominations are welcome.

We plan to convene committees and implementation teams in early October. All current implementation materials, including the timeline and the structure, are available under the “Implementation Link” on the UC|21 Web site at www.uc.edu/president25/uc21. The latest draft of the UC|21 Technical Report is also available on the UC|21 Web site.

I want to again thank everyone for your hard work and look forward to implementing the vision created by UC|21: Defining the New Urban Research University.