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UC21 Academic Plan

Planning Process Input Session Protocol

The goal of the Input Sessions is to obtain input from key stakeholders for our academic planning process. Ideally, internal and external stakeholders would have an opportunity to participate and provide input together. This input will be provided to the Working Group participating in Town Hall meetings. Each college or other unit not organized around colleges will conduct at least two Input Sessions between January and April 2004.

Each unit is responsible for planning and carrying out two sessions. The Planning Process Support Team is available to help with planning, facilitation, and record keeping. Cathy Maltbie, Research Associate in the Evaluation Services Center in the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services will serve as the point person for this group and can be reached at 513-556-1469 or by e-mail. Please provide Cathy with the name of your point person for your input planning session by Feb. 1. In particular, the support team will be available to take notes at these sessions. If you choose not to utilize such support, please forward your input session notes directly to Cathy Maltbie for the record. The focus and deadlines for these sessions are as follows:

Session One: The first input session is to be concluded by February 15 and will focus on responses to the following three questions:

  1. What is your vision of UC’s leadership role in the 21st Century?
  2. What strategic steps and resources are required to realize that future?
  3. What outcomes should we hold ourselves accountable for in realizing this vision for UC?

A summary of all received responses (by February 16) to these questions will be organized into themes and shared at the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for February 24.

Session Two: The second Input Session should occur between March 15 and April 15.

First, we would like to thank you all for your efforts to make the Comprehensive Academic Planning Process much more participatory and inclusive. Your hard work in the first round of Input Sessions resulted in an attendance of more than 1,600 people. Participants’ comments generated more than 300 pages of typed notes. In all, more than 56 sessions have been planned from January through April 15, and the number keeps growing.

For Round Two of the Input Sessions, we will once again have available a videotaped message from President Nancy Zimpher. In this video, she will point out that the first round of Input Sessions and Town Hall Meetings has been distilled into a vision for the university that calls upon us to be leaders in the 21st century by making a difference. Our proposed journey for this vision of the future centers on “five ships” that will carry us forward:

  1. Leadership activities
  2. Scholarship and our expertise in teaching, research, and creative works
  3. Deep partnerships
  4. Commitment to citizenship and social justice
  5. Stewardship (revenue and sustainability)

Also, using input from the first round of Input Sessions and the Town Hall Meetings, a proposed list of 21 strategies has been developed that will help to carry the university forward into the future.

In the next round of Input Sessions, we are looking for proactive and innovative ideas to build on what we have drafted so far. We will provide a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the “five ships” and 21 strategies. We suggest that your next Input Sessions focus on the following questions/tasks:

  1. Is there anything we missed in the “What, Why, Where, and How” of our vision document and the Next Steps action strategies?
  2. Reflect on the concepts of Leadership, Scholarship, Partnership, Citizenship, and Stewardship. In what ways can these concepts guide the university in the future?
  3. Most importantly, select a few of your favorites from the list of 21 and give us creative action steps we could share with the Town Hall Action Teams as they proceed with their work.

As we receive feedback on specific strategies, we will compile them into a master list and give them to the appropriate Action Teams for further consideration.

If you have any further questions about Round Two, please contact Cathy Maltbie or call 556-1469. Please note that the deadline for reporting Round Two feedback to CAPP support is April 15, 2004.

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