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Profile: Cathryn Chappell
Date: April 18, 2000

College of Education doctoral student Cathryn Chappell is the recipient of UC's "Graduate Assistant for Excellence in Teaching" Award in recognition of her outstanding service in UC classrooms where she helps to train tomorrow's teachers.

"My long-time friends say they always knew I was going to be successful, but they didn't expect me to take this path. Before I went back to school, I served eight years in the military and even delivered mail for seven years. I took several different directions before I found my focus."

Cathryn Chappell High school:
1979 graduate of Oak Hills High School

Why I chose UC:
The support I've received from the faculty who have become my advisers and mentors.

How UC has challenged me to grow:
I've learned to look beyond the obvious. I don't take things at face value. I've become much more aware of people's circumstances. I feel I have developed a greater understanding of people and society.

Chappell has started research on schooling issues that affect the middle class. Her research involves conflicts and stumbling blocks middle class students endure before they complete their high school graduation, including racism.

The person at UC who has made the biggest difference in my life:
Marvin Berlowitz (professor of education) is my supervisor and mentor. He stays interested in what we're doing. He's always thinking of how we can apply and circulate our research.

Best experience at UC:
The "Graduate Assistant for Excellence in Teaching" Award was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me here. I was chosen from a field of nine candidates nominated from across the university.

Plans after graduation:
I'd like to get a faculty position in teacher education. It seems like an appropriate way to affect the lives of many children. I'd like to stay local while my children are still small. My ultimate goal is to publish not just academically but also for a mainstream audience. I'd like to publish something to help people realize how inequities in school and society affect children. I'd like to help people realize their own biases and deal with them.