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PROFILE: Georgette Burns
Memories of TUC

Date: March 5, 2001
By: Jennifer Carter, student intern

"It was all just a lot of fun," says Georgette Burns, on her time in TUC. Burns has been at UC for 25 years. Fifteen of those years she has spent in TUC.

Starting next week Burns will leave TUC behind for a new office in Dabney Hall. However, she will not have to leave behind her memories of TUC.

Some of Burns' favorite memories involve zoo animals that used to visit TUC. "One day I came out of my office, and I was walking across the old lobby and coming at me on a leash… was a white Bengal tiger.

"They [Center Board] brought in a lot of the larger zoo animals in the art gallery. I went into the art gallery, and I had on a very strong kind of musky scent…. I sat down, and they had a leopard on the table. The leopard turned its head towards me the minute I sat down, and did not take its eyes off me the whole time I sat there. Finally, I got up because I was nervous," recalls Burns.

Other activities Burns remembers include a one-ring circus in the Old Lobby, listening to Maya Angelou speak in The Great Hall, a reggae band building a beach, and being hypnotized to do a Roseanne skit. However, not all the activities Burns experienced were fun.

"The Anne Frank exhibit, on a serious note, was one of the most moving things I've ever seen, or the AIDS quilt. To see pieces of the AIDS quilt and to identify the quilt with people you know… that was a sobering experience," Burns remembers.

Even with all of these great memories, Burns' best times came in the Game Room. "I got to see my grandchildren throw their first bowling balls in that bowling alley with the bumpers. And you haven't lived until your five-year-old granddaughter takes the ball and first it hits one side, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next, and winds up in the middle of the alley, and she gets a strike."

Burns admits the Game Room is what she will miss most about TUC, mainly because bowling alleys will not be a part of the new TUC.

Other things Burns will miss about TUC are Great Hall, the Strader Room, the Presidents Dining Room, and the Main Lounge.

"I'll miss the Strader Room, because it is such a beautiful room. That wallpaper is so much a part of our history, because that wallpaper was commissioned and designed specifically for them to tell the Ohio River Valley history, and I'll miss that. I think there's a lot to be said about tradition…. It's nice to have that old world flavor."

Although Burns is sad to see TUC change, there are certain aspects of the new TUC that she is looking forward to. "I'm looking forward to actually having a spot for the Balloon Shoppe … a store for it where people will actually be able to walk in ... I think that kind of thing should be recognized, that it came from the employees, it didn't come from management. We did it on our own," points out Burns.

She is also looking forward to some of the designs she has seen for the new TUC. +"I really like the open air center. I like the glass that's going to be coming around the east side of the building that is going to give a panoramic view. The skylight that they are talking about; I think that will be gorgeous," admits Burns.

So as Burns packs up her things this week, she will remember to keep all of her memories with her. Although she will miss the old TUC, Burns remains optimistic. "We'll get used to it. We'll like it once it's here."

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