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After 45 Years, She Still Loves It Here

Date: Aug. 5, 2002
By: Marianne Kunnen-Jones
Phone: (513) 556-1826
Photos By: Lisa Ventre
Archive: Profiles

Janice Hutzler

It was the year that "Around the World in 80 Days" won the Oscar for Best Picture, the Federal-Aid Highway Act inaugurated the interstate highway system and Hungary experienced a revolution. It was also a milestone year for Janice Hutzler, because she started working at UC.

That was 45 years ago in 1956. "Well, I was just out of kindergarten," jokes Hutzler. Actually, she had just finished a course of studies at Miller's Business College downtown, where she took classes after graduating from Western Hills High School.

She started her UC job in the same department she still works in - acquisitions and accounting for University Libraries. Back then, her office was at the University Library, now called Blegen Library. Today she reports in at Langsam Library and was one of the first staff members to move into the new library building in 1978.

She has held different titles over the years but her job remains roughly the same as when she started. She takes care of and pays the bills for library purchases. She even tracks the acquisitions by area, such as English, German and mathematics.

Change is a constant on the UC campus, she notes. "There is always change, and you just go with it," said the accountant, who was among the first workers on campus to have an Apple computer in her office, years before everyone started getting desktop computers.

The technology on campus has brought about one of the biggest changes she has witnessed over the years. "CDs, DVDs, electronic journals and the World-Wide Web. The library has always been on the cutting edge of all of that. The students themselves can do so much for themselves with all the online equipment we provide for them."

Janice Hutzler

Other major changes she remarks on are the physical ones on campus. When Hutzler first came to UC, there were still old Quonset huts scattered around the landscape. "There was a Quonset hut over where CCM is now," she notes. The large "huts" and other military barrack-type dorms were constructed to house vets who came to college after WWII, according Kevin Grace, assistant head of the UC Archives.

After four-and-a-half decades, Hutzler still loves working here. "I wouldn't have stayed around here for so long if I didn't like it."

"I can truly say I like working for the university. There are times one gets frustrated with things, of course. But my job has never really been boring. You know how it is. All of sudden, changes occur. I don't like change for change sake; I like change to have a purpose. And most of the time, that's been the case here. That's what has gotten me through."

What else does she like about UC? "The key word anymore is diversity, and there is a large diversity of people here. Blegen had people from every nationality over there when I worked there and that was so fascinating, and it's always been fascinating. You spend most of your life at your job, and it's what you make of it."

Ask if she has any plans to retire, she replies, "That's the question of the day."

"I'm just not ready. I still feel needed."

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