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University Profiles:
the People Who Are UC

  • All-University Faculty Awards Profiles for 2001

  • Michael Alexander Understands the Importance of Walk for Turner
    This year's Walk for Turner aims to raise $100,000 to fund four scholarships for students of color at UC.

  • Education Student Rebecca Arlington-Davis Receives Prestigious Pearl M. Wright Award

  • Norman Baker Put the PLUS in Business Education

  • Barbara Barkley Coordinates Fire Science Technology Program

  • Year 2000 Education Grad JoAnn Forte Battle Returns to Inner City as Teacher

  • Cincinnatus Scholar Emily Behan Fascinated with Flight

  • Alpacino Beauchamp The Famous Name to Live at New Residence Hall
    Student named after movie star has his own fans--the students he coaches and tutors.

  • Joy Bensiger Describes Being a UC TechCat
    Bensiger is one of six so-called TechCats for the UC College of Education's $2.7 million technology initiative to train UC education faculty, students and teachers in the college's partner schools on how to best use technology to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Dr. Anant Ram Bhati Named UC Trustee

  • For Brigitte Boiano of Finance Office, UC Educations Add Up in Family

  • Twins Kristy and Katie Boiano Find UC to Be the Perfect Fit

  • Tiffany Bond and Glenn Walker Turn Walk to Class into Dramatic Child Rescue

  • Rebecca BorahTeaches Language Arts and Details What Comic Books Say to Society

  • Education Student Kristie Bowman Finds the Right Prescription for a New Career

  • UC Alum Jennifer Bragg Now Calls Europe Home

  • Library's Michael Braunlin Pays Tribute to History via Coin Collection

  • Electronic Artist Benjamin Britton Calls UC a Creative "Wild West" Campus

  • Student Robert Brotherton Called to Service in WWII to be Awarded Degree in 2002

  • Criminal Justice Students Walter Brown and Michael Ott Participate in Campus Watch

  • Georgette Burns Has Kept TUC (Tangeman University Center) on Track

  • Student Orientation Coordinator Matt Carlin Literally Helps Guide Incoming Freshmen

  • Maggie Carnes of Student Organizations Wins Regional Recognition

  • CCM's Shellie Cash Choreographs Student Success

  • Upward Bound's Phillip Cathey Goes Full Speed in the Summer to Help High Schoolers Make it to College

  • Kettil Cedercreutz Named Director of Professional Practice

  • Education Doctoral Student Cathryn Chappell Recognized for Teaching

  • Construction Management Celebrates Largest Class of Women Grads

  • CECE's Melody Clark is Academic Director of Distance Learning

  • Endocrinology's Mickey Croyle Serves as Research and Community Activist

  • History Professor Roger Daniels Receives Mentoring Award
    This professor's careful guidance and assistance to PhD students, both before and after they are hooded, have earned him an award of excellence for mentoring from the university's Division of Research and Advanced Studies.

  • Nursing Student Trisha DeHall a National Bodybuilding Contender

  • David Devier Appointed Dean of Clermont College

  • Year 2000 Applied Science Grad Kahnh Dinh Found Life Like a Movie in U.S.

  • Jennifer DiSanto 2002 Pearl Wright Award Recipient
    Education student Jennifer DiSanto will receive $27,000 over a two-year period to pay for college, housing and living expenses--a gift from a UC alumna.

  • Huey Do Gets An Early Start on His Degree
    Huey Do got a jump on his college education through a partnership between Western Hills High School and UC.

  • Year 2001 Applied Science Grad Kevin Do Found Co-op Work Fun and Games

  • Genine Drozd Successful at the Newport Aquarium

  • English Professor John Drury Emphasizes Kindness to Students, Toughness on Assignments

  • Groundsman Charlie Dukes Spruces Up Campus and Wins Smiles

  • Geographer Wendy Eisner Traces Trail of Billikens

  • TUC's Larry Elsasser Looks Back and TUC Moves into the Future

  • UC Mom Lydia Evans Plans Double Graduation Celebration

  • Honors Scholar Carrie Foulk Crowned 2001 Homecoming Queen

  • Student Evelyn Garcia Honored with Rafael Rennella Scholarship

  • Turner Scholar Shadaia Gooden Combines Spirit and Scholarship

  • Quarterback Gino Guidugli A Standout Freshman

  • International Competitor Jason Evege Sets the Fashion for Others to Follow

  • Kirti Ghia Engineers New Ways to Help Students

  • Larry Gilligan Teaches Math by Adding Creativity to His Curriculum

  • German and African American Studies Major Jodi Gillis, a Student on High Drive

  • A&S Dean Karen L. Ghould Sets Goals for What's Ahead

  • Graduate Student Katie Glover Explores Ohio's Icy Past

  • Maha Groeber Keeps Traffic Rnning Smoothly

  • Education Student Dewana Guill Receives Pearl M. Wright Award

  • History and International Relations Grad Ken Hashimoto Builds Democracy in Bosnia

  • Student Michelle Hart on Adventures in Alaska

  • CCM Student Tiffany Haas Competes for Miss America Title
    Tiffany Haas, a University of Cincinnati sophomore and musical theater major at the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) is the reigning Miss Ohio. Haas is spending the year traveling the state promoting the Miss Ohio Scholarship Program and Operation Smile, a not-for-profit organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery to indigent children.

  • Associate Professor Darwin Henderson Selected for National Literature Award Panel

  • Doctoral Student Jae-Hyouk Lee a Pianist Who Wants to Help Others with Disabilities

  • Geologist Warren Huff Has Passion for Lifelong Learning

  • Student Jay Hummel Launches University Tradition

  • Janice Hutzler Celebrates 45 Years at UC

  • Year 2000 Biochemistry Grad Atiba Jackson, a Young Father and Future Doctor

  • Mina Jones Jefferson Honored for Good Works

  • Education Dean Larry Johnson Really Cooks, Literally and Figuratively

  • UC Alum Lewis Johnson a Network Sportscaster

  • Librarian Robert Johnson Composes Moving Music

  • Ambuja Joshi lends her talent to a valid cause.
    A free store for teachers is just one of many nonprofits gaining vaulable public relations advice from a new partnership between UC and Scripps Howard Foundation.

  • Sociology's Lydia Justice: Appears on "Politically Incorrect"

  • Architecture Student Amanda Kain Builds Her Skills With International Co-op

  • Microbiologist Edna Kaneshiro Making Big Discoveries About Tiny Creatures

  • Litsa Kranias Engineers Mice to Fight Heart Disease

  • Raymond Walters College Year 2000 Grad Kangsan Lammers Learns English, Earns Honors in Only Three Years

  • Gary Lare of Curriculum Resources Center Entertains as Ventriloquist

  • Economics Alum Jeffery Larry Still Glad He Picked UC Over Harvard, Now Works to Build African American Businesses

  • Year 2001 Law Grad Ernest Lee Has Real Drive, Traveling Life as a Trucker, Now a Law Grad

  • Education Student Jamie Lentz Receives Pearl M. Wright Award

  • Biochemist Michael Lieberman Receives 2001 Teaching Award

  • Rachel Lieberman loves science and soccer.
    University of Cincinnati student Rachel Lieberman's busy life is full of unusual combinations like shinguards and test tubes, cleats and beakers, science and soccer. This fall is Lieberman's junior year as a chemistry major and third year on the roster for the UC women's Soccer team.

  • Engineering Student Chad Lockard Works and Studies Abroad

  • Professor Cynthia Lockhart Honored with National Award

  • Anne Lucas Dedicated to Helping the Disadvantaged

  • Suzanne Masterson of Business Administration Fosters Teamwork, Creativity

  • RWC's Julie Mitchell Finds Hidden Histories

  • Year 2000 Criminal Justice Grads Alana Mattingly and Denise Simpson Like Sisters in Supporting Each Other

  • Economist Wolfgang Mayer, Pioneer in the Politics of International Trade

  • Carla McKenzie is a Communication Major And Ben-Gal Cheerleader
    Communication major Carla McKenzie is a full-time student who spends her Sundays at Paul Brown Stadium.

  • Musical Theater's Kelsey McKelfresh, Winner of Cincinnatus Scholarship

  • Construction Management's Carol Metzger and Two Sons Complete Degrees

  • Erica Miller 2002 C-Ring Winner
    UC's most outstanding female graduate lives by the principle that "to whom much is given, much is required."

  • Biologist Michael Miller Really Cleans Up in the Midwest

  • Applied Science Adjunct Ray Miller Sculpts Metal into Art

  • Mathematician David Minda, Awarded for Excellence in Teaching

  • English Year 2000 Grad Beverly Mohat, a Mom on Fast Forward Speed

  • Business Student Christine Montgomery Gains Language Skills Fast in Germany

  • Richard S. Newrock Named Dean of College of Applied Science

  • H.C. Buck Niehoff Appointed to Board of Trustees

  • Education's Ayako Ogawa Writes of Life in U.S. for Japanese Readers

  • Zach Osborne Credits Co-op For Career Success
    Co-oping has been nothing but good news for UC Honors-PLUS senior Zach Osborne. It's proving to be not quite as auspicious for the 11 reptiles he keeps as pets.

  • CCM Librarian Mark Palkovic Owns the World's Tiniest Tome
    Guinness World Records has confirmed that Palkovic is the owner of the smallest book in the world. Palkovic's book, Chekhov's Chameleon, measures just .9 by .9 millimeters, not much larger than a grain of salt.

  • Carrie Parker Designs Interior of UC's Newest Residence Hall
    Carrie Parker, a senior interior designer for KZF Design, Inc. of Cincinnati, worked on the color scheme for the interior of the building in partnership with Jim Cheng, design director at KZF and the architectural designer of the Jefferson Housing Complex.

  • Planning Alum Carl Patton Now Leads Georgia State University

  • Year 2001 CBA Grad Andy Pentenburg Earns a Sweet Reward Through Co-op and Academics

  • Pamela Person Named Director of UC's Learning Communities

  • Provost Tony Perzigian Seeks Ever Higher Heights for UC

  • Program Coordinator Karla Phillips Plans Future for CECE Diversity Institute

  • Year 2000 University College Grad Emily Phinney Proves It's Never Too Late to Dream

  • Joyce Pittman of Education Creates National Model for Grading Technology in Education

  • Emily Ploetz Leads UC's Marching Band

  • Michael Porte of Communications Seeks Fosters Connections Among Students, Alumni

  • Year 2000 Grad Mike Posey Named Education's Outstanding Doctoral Student

  • Architectural Engineering Technology Student and Construction Management Grad Jamie Pursley Helps to Bulldoze Barriers

  • Nursing Professor Connie Ragiel Operates Clinic in Low-Income Neighborhood

  • DAAP Student Gary Ragle Named to First Mitsubishi Co-op

  • Public Relations Associate Mary Bridgett Reilly Takes Leave for El Salvador

  • College of Business Administration's Norma Reins Recalls London Service Prior to D-Day

  • Art Historian Joan Robinson Provides Students New Roles in the Classroom


  • DAAP's Michael Romanos Plans a New Future In (and For) Crete

  • Archeologist Brian Rose Makes His Troy Finale
    Ancient golden jewelry, hidden sculptures of famous emperors and other history treasures are the discoveries that have filled the career of Brian Rose over the last 15 seasons at Troy, the fabled site of the Trojan War.

  • Olympian Becky Ruehl Dives Into Athletics, Studies and Life

  • DAAP Professor Frank Russell Works to Improve the Inner City
    Russell is director of the Community Design Center for the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). He's also the project director for Art in the Market, a partnership project between UC and the Over-the-Rhine community. Art in the Market employs at-risk youth who work with UC students to create public works of art that are installed in the Findlay Market district.

  • Historian Thomas Sakmyster Studies Eastern European History

  • Ombudsman Lillian Santa-Maria Serves as Advocate for UC Community

  • Carol Schababerle director of Row Center for Women in Engineering

  • Groundsman Rob Schroeder Makes UC a Family Tradition

  • Political Science's Scott Schroeder Sees Campus in All Seasons, at All Hours

  • Education Student Tammy Schwartz's Research to Benefit Appalachian Community

  • CECE Student (and DAAP Alum) Erica Seaquist Finds Real Growth in New Career

  • Graduate Student Sandra Sherman Plans Spring Break Service Trip to Mexico

  • Athletics' Jeanette Shoecraft: a Cents-able Employee

  • UC Student Janelle Sikorski Goes Global for Degree

  • Year 2000 Business Grad Shaun Simpson is "Mr. Bearcat"

  • Custodian Ernie Smith Rises Early and Then Shines Blegen Library

  • Associate Prof. Pauline Smolin's Play Gets A Reading in New York
    A new play that unfolds a fictional account of what happens on an older couple's first date is now bringing recognition to a UC faculty member, as she heads to the Big Apple and to a prestigious theater festival.

  • College of Law Student Blake Somers Provides New Link Between Crosstown Rivals

  • UC President Joseph A. Steger Looks Back on 20 Years at UC

  • Industrial Design Grad Kristin McKinley-Steiner Has a Real Blast With Her Designs

  • Campus Planning's Kathy Storer is a Real Doll (Maker)

  • Nicole Hunt Strange Improves Service for Students
    Nicole is one of the 12 cross-trained staff hired to work in the One Stop Student Services Center at University Pavilion.

  • Applied Science's Andrea Tackett Earns Unexpected Scholarship

  • 2001 A&S Graduate Elena Teran Part of Hispanic Legacy at UC

  • Landscape Designer Len Thomas Works to Keep Campus and Community Green

  • Dr. Michael Thomas, Fertility Specialist, Also Specializes in Little Miracles

  • Anne Timpano Director of DAAP Galleries

  • Student Trustee Darren Tolliver Gets an Early Jump on Politics

  • Construction Management's Chance Truemper Builds a Following With Kids

  • Anna Truman Keeps UC's Records Up-to-Date

  • James Tucker Appointed UC Vice President

  • Alumnus Myron "Mike" Ullman III an Executive in Europe

  • Adam Urra former Leprechaun mascot, current law student.
    Adam Urra was at the heart of one of the greatest traditional followings in all of sports, serving as the famous Leprechaun mascot for the University of Notre Dame. At football and basketball games, Urra roamed the sidelines in front of thousands and on national TV.

  • Michele Vialet Has Winning Ways in Teaching French Literature

  • Lisa Vinciguerra Helps Plan Li'l Sibs and Kids Weekend
    Special weekend introduces siblings and small children to the excitement at UC.

  • Year 2000 MBA Grad Jan Vitazka Also a World-Class Swimmer

  • Educator Donald Wagner Works to Strengthen Democracies Around the World

  • Associate Dean Barbara Watts Will Carry Olympic Torch

  • James D. Williams Looks Ahead To Move Into University Pavillion

  • Nancy Williams Finds Focus in Itty-Bitty Figurines

  • Business Grad Jeff Wyler Now Serves UC as Trustee

  • Betty Young Keeps Track of UC's Benefits

  • Cincinnatus Scholar Amit Zachariah Looks Ahead to Medical School

  • Business Grad Tom Zaino Finds His Work Very Taxing

  • Graduate Student Griselle Zeno Teaches English at Bilingual Preschool

  • Pianist Aaron Ziegel Hits Right Note in Cincinnatus Scholarship Competition

  • Sally Ann Zwicker Makes History as Year 2000 Education Grad

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