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ACCEND Student Blends Chemical Engineering with Business

CEAS chemical engineering student Miranda Hileman graduates from UC this spring with a bachelorís degree, an MBA, an international experience and a full-time job.

Date: 4/11/2018 1:00:00 PM
By: Brandon Pytel
Phone: (513) 556-4686
Hileman stands inside a red phonebooth in London.
Hileman explores London while on co-op.

Miranda Hileman knows what it means to make the most of her time at the University of Cincinnati. As a chemical engineering student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), Hileman will graduate this spring with a BS, an MBA, a full-time job and some unforgettable professional experiences made possible through UCís cooperative education (co-op) program.

Hileman, originally from Crestwood, Kentucky, came to UC because of its beautiful campus and nationally renowned co-op program. But she was also intrigued by its Accelerated Engineering Degree through the ACCEND program, which allows students to combine a bachelorís and masterís degree in an abbreviated timeframe.

ďBeing able to complete an MBA and a chemical engineering undergraduate degree through ACCEND really aligned with my career goals,Ē Hileman said.

Since she started at UC, she has stayed busy.

Hileman spent her first two co-op rotations with GE Aviation in the Cincinnati area, working in the environment, health and safety division. Her third co-op was in production optimization for LíOrealís haircare manufacturing plant in Florence, Kentucky.

Her favorite co-op, however, was not in Ohio or across the river in Kentucky. It wasnít even in the country. Hileman spent her final co-op overseas in London, working for Yoomi, a small company that manufactures milk-warming devices for babies. Because of the small size of the company, Hileman had a lot of flexibility, working on quality control, market research and research and development projects.

ďAll of my co-op rotations helped me develop the professional traits needed to be successful in my career after UC,Ē Hileman said. ďAside from all the interview practice and professional skills, co-op has given me the confidence in my technical and professional capabilities.Ē

In June, Hileman moves to Atlanta, Georgia, to work full time in The Clorox Companyís Supply Chain Leadership and Development Program. She looks forward to combining her chemical engineering and MBA knowledge with the skills she gained in co-op.