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Journalism Grad Pursues Multi-faceted Path

From branding design to jewelry to film, Nichole Imperi pursues multiple interests.

Date: 11/1/2008
By: Matt Cunningham
Phone: (513) 556-4190
Photos By: Matt Cunningham
Some college seniors view their final school year as a time to relax, a much-deserved break after four years of hard work.

Not Nichole Imperi.

The 2007 journalism grad took 24 credits her final quarter, a move she said prepared her well for a working life that reaches in multiple directions.

Photo of Nichole Imperi.
Nichole Imperi (journalism '07) launched the branding design firm Doth Brands in September.

“My life kind of mimics that last quarter,” she said, “but I know how to do it – I’ve been there before.”

Imperi worked part-time during her time at UC, doing branding and design work for small businesses.

“That was my hobby, and something I enjoyed,” she said.

The part-time work continued until September of this year, when Imperi decided to launch Doth Brands full-time.

“It was a smart choice on my part to do it part time,” she said. “I was establishing myself in the market and word was spreading.”

The Cincinnati native said demand for her services has steadily grown, alleviating her initial concerns about the entrepreneurial move.

“I was afraid that if I did it full-time, I wouldn’t love it,” she said. “But I’ve got so much work I’m not even considering doing it part-time.”

Imperi said the critical observation skills learned in McMicken’s journalism program have been key to her success in a business where a client often has little idea why its current brand identity is not working.

“Being able to identify exactly what the issue or problem is is a very valuable skill that I might not have learned in other marketing or English programs,” she said.

Imperi’s plans for Doth Brands aren’t going to slow down in the near future. She said that she plans to add up to three full-time employees and move into a stand-alone office in the next two years.

And then there are her other projects.

Along with Doth Brands, Imperi brands and helps design a jewelry line. She also sells children’s illustrations online, and said both activities give her outlets for her hobbies and provide additional income to complement the up-and-down cash flow of her nascent main business. Imperi is also preparing to help her husband, Victor Imperi, promote the first film produced by his production company, Pile of Sand Productions. Filming on the teen comedy is expected to start in 2009.

Nichole Imperi, "Cole" to her friends, said she knows her multi-faceted work life will require help as it grows.

“I know I can’t do it all by myself forever and I don’t plan to,” she said.

But for now, the busy schedule and fast pace suit her just fine.

“I love it,” she said. “If you’re happy, everything works.”

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