Student Reports

Student Fact Book

The University of Cincinnati Student Fact Book contains a variety of data on the Student population at UC to help answer common questions about the University. For archived Fact Books, click here (UC Central Login Required). 

For access to the interactive version of the Fact Book to view information at the college level, click here and log in with your UC credentials. 

Enrollment Reports

Enrollment Reports have enrollment by college and major for the entire university as of the census day for each term. For archived enrollment reports, click here (UC Central Login Required)


Retention Rate Reports

Fall to Fall Retention for the first-time, full-time degree seeking cohort. Retention rates are displayed by campus and degree level. For archived Fall Retention Reports as well as Archived Quarter to Quarter Retention Reports, click here (UC Central Login Required).

Graduation Rates (Student Right-To-Know Statistics)

The graduation rate reports consist of six year graduation rates for Uptown campus students and three year graduation rates for Branch campus students. Graduation rates are displayed by gender and ethnicity. For archived graduation rates, click here (UC Central Login Required)

Common Data Sets

The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative is a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report. The combined goal of this collaboration is to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided to all involved in a student's transition into higher education, as well as to reduce the reporting burden on data providers.

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