All Staff



Kristi Nelson - Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Lori Griffin - Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Michele Ralston - Director of Communications
Jessica Donovan - Project Manager, Next Lives Here

Academic Personnel

Matt Serra - Vice Provost of Academic Personnel
Deborah deGroot-Osswald - Associate Director of Academic Personnel
Kasey Underwood - Academic Employee Relations Specialist                                                                                                                                         Melissa J. Hobbs - Assistant to Office of Academic Personnel


Academic Affairs

Christopher Lewis, MD - Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Catherine Smith - Executive Staff Assistant
April Poteet - Coordinator of Special Projects


Undergraduate Affairs

Gigi Meyer Escoe - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Sues Frazer - Associate To
Adrian Hall  -  Academic Director, Academic Data Steward
Charles Brendan Cooper - Assistant Director of Undergraduate Assessment


UC Online

Jason Lemon - Vice Provost and Dean 
Stacey Smith - Director of Online Operations
Brandi Bittner - Executive Director of Marketing
Hal Jankowski - Business Officer
Amy Davis - Associate To
Dawn Clineman - Director of Online Instruction


Business and Financial Affairs

Kathy Qualls - Senior Vice Provost for Academic Finance and Administration
Tim Bybee - Director of Business Affairs
Scott Page - Senior Director, Provost HR Operations
Karen Goodwin - Assistant Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs
Sues Frazer - Associate To
Angel Prewitt - Business Administrator
Brad Hoffman - Business Administrator
Lydia Maus - HR Coordinator
Jean Shelton - Assistant to Director of Business Affairs

Enrollment Management

Caroline Miller - Vice Provost for Enrollment Management


Faculty Development

Keisha Love - Assoc. Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Special Initiatives


Institutional Research

Susana Luzuriga - Director, Institutional Research
Robert Becks - Assistant Director, Budget Analysis
Lauren Thomas - Assistant Director, Institutional Research
Brad Miller - Business Data Reporting Analyst
Nicole Klassen - Research Associate, Institutional Research

International Affairs

Raj Mehta - Vice Provost, UC International & Director of UC Honors Program


Student Affairs

Debra Merchant - Vice President, Student Affairs & Services
Juan Guardia - Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

The Graduate School

Chip Montrose - Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School
James Mack - Associate Dean
Yonatan Eyal - Director of Graduate Studies 
Catherine Smith  - Associate to Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School

Additional Graduate School Staff


UC Information Technology (UCIT)

Nelson Vincent - Vice President and CIO, UCIT