Award for Faculty Excellence

Contact: Keisha Love, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Special Initiatives, 513-556-7013 or


Bradford Mank and Nancy Oliver, College of Law, two of the 25 winners in 2016


The Office of the Provost and the Office of Research collaborate to present the Award for Faculty Excellence, which recognizes faculty members who represent excellence in all of its forms.

These offices collaborate to provide each recipient of the Award for Faculty Excellence $2,000 in funding to support their teaching, research, service, as well as their professional efforts.


2018 Award Winners

Sam Anand, CEAS

Susan Bourke, CECH

Sharon Burns, Clermont

Edson Cabalfin, DAAP

James Canfield, CAHS

Felix Chang, Law

Michelle Conda, CCM

William Connick, A&S

Michael Doherty, Pharmacy

Bruce Giffin, Medicine

Julie Gill, UCBA

Jeanine Goodin, Nursing

Richard Hess, CCM

Kristin Kalsem, Law

Cliff Larrabee, Clermont

James Lee, Libraries

Amy Lind, A&S

Nan Niu, CEAS

Giovanni Pauletti, Pharmacy

Vicki Plano Clark, CECH

Pam Rankey, UCBA

Renee Sewrad, DAAP

Heather Vough, Lindner

Jaime Windeler, Lindner