Faculty Retention


The Office of the Provost is working toward a better understanding of external recruitment at UC, whether sought out by faculty members or unsolicited. As important as it is to understand why UC faculty leave, we are also interested in understanding our strengths - why our faculty consider UC a better option when presented with alternatives. To achieve this goal, the Office of the Provost is working with the Harvard University's Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Retention Survey to contact UC faculty who were extended a job offer outside of UC and declined that offer, instead opting  to stay at UC.

This form is to be completed by an academic department chairperson, college dean, or associate dean. Please click on the link below to provide the name of any faculty members who, to your knowledge, were offered a position at another institution. For more information about COACHE’s Retention and Exit Survey click here or contact UC’s Director of Institutional Research at Susana.Luzuriaga@uc.edu


Retained Faculty Information Form