Digital Media


Digital Media at UC brings together research, creative scholarship, and professional activity that emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration and explores aspects of digital media production and its role in society. We create experiential and professional learning opportunities in digital media and foster literacy about the production and critical assessment of messages across digitally mediated platforms for a broad array of students while embracing a spirit of innovation, diversity, international awareness, free expression and public service.

The mission of Digital Media at UC is to develop, coordinate, integrate, promote and support academic courses and programs, research and creative work, and other related products and outlets pertaining to digital media at UC.

Goals and Activities

  • Promotion and support for faculty and student research and creative scholarship that emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration and explore various dimensions of digital media storytelling, production and its impacts in a global society.
  • Developing on-campus programming (colloquia, outside speakers, scholars-in-residence, etc.) that promotes the visibility and importance of digital media research, creative scholarship, education, storytelling and production to various university audiences and stakeholders.
  • Promoting innovative collaborations with industry, non-profit, and alumni partners, both regionally and internationally, while leveraging existing relationships among faculty and units within the DMC.
  • Identifying and offering undergraduate courses (current and new) that promote digital media literacy among UC students.
  • Identifying and offering enhanced experiential learning opportunities in digital media (original creative productions, internships, practicum, field work, capstone) for both undergraduate and graduate students in the DMC.
  • Developing new undergraduate and graduate certificate and degree programs among units within the DMC, with a focus on enhanced transdisciplinary, cross-college collaboration.