COVID-19 is a factor in planning for the foreseeable future, and as we plan, the health and well-being of our university and surrounding community guide the recommendations and decisions for our UC community. Flexibility is key, and we will continue to review and adapt our policies and practices, keeping foremost the safety and concern for all our populations, including those at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

UC is committed to ensuring its history of educational excellence for students in all settings. In preparation for the Fall Semester, instructors were asked to take specialized training workshops to assist in utilizing best practices to develop and deliver online courses. Across the university, colleges have created leadership teams focused on supporting teaching excellence and connecting faculty with needed resources, providing peer support, and aiding in the adoption and implementation of best practices. In addition, we actively capture and evaluate data regarding university, college, and instructor usage of our electronic academic tools. This allows us to provide feedback and support.

The university will provide central guidance and support for students, faculty, researchers and staff while allowing each discipline to apply its unique approaches to teaching, learning, research and general operations. Aspects of this plan vary and enable individual units with the flexibility needed to meet student learning outcomes and respective missions within the parameters set out in this document.

Supporting principles

Plans must be flexible for the coming academic year and rooted in the following principles:

  • The safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and community is paramount.
    Intentional efforts to exercise personal and collective responsibility are critical to overcoming this crisis. It is only through thoughtful actions that we will account for the health of ourselves and each other. Each decision we make should be in the best interest of public health.
  • Preserve a positive student experience.
    Faculty and staff are critical partners in student success and ensuring an exceptional student experience—from The Bearcat Promise, to CPS Strong, to Co-op 2.0—our determination to preserve student belonging, satisfaction and success, regardless of our ability to see and physically touch each other, remains.
  • Maintain UC’s standard of excellence.
    The University of Cincinnati has an accomplished history as a world-class research university. Our commitment to deliver exemplary instruction and student opportunity will remain no matter the modality, be it in a physical classroom or online.
  • Continuity of teaching, learning, research, and administrative functions.
    Obstacles and challenges do not present themselves at predictable times. We must retain the ability to maximize efficiency and productivity in teaching, learning, co-curricular student development, research and administrative functions within a variety of external and internal conditions.

Tips for Success

Here are some recommendations to remain focused and engaged in the remote learning environment

Find a Regular Study Space

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Put down the phone
  • Don't check social media
  • Set a 1-1/2 hour block to focus and then take a break
  • Claim your space!  
  • Find a location and set yourself up – the kitchen table, a comfortable chair, a desk – wherever it is make this a dedicated space to help create a routine of where you study.

Manage Your Time

  • Set aside the same amount of time to complete class readings and assignments as you would for your face-to-face classes .
  • Schedule specific days/ time devoted to class review and coursework and stick to it.

Engage and Interact

  • Use discussion boards to interact with classmates 
  • Share relevant articles with the class 
  • Check your course a minimum of 4 days a week to be sure you don’t get behind on the discussion thread

Communicate with your Professor

  • Check email regularly 
  • Use Canvas to communicate 
  • Ask questions 
  • Meet during virtual office hours