Questions to several common questions regarding UC policies, campus operations, refunds and health and wellness resources are all available for all employees. 

Quick Resources

FFCRA Provisions

The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was signed into law on March 18, 2020. Among other provisions, the FFCRA contains the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (EFMLEA) and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA), both of which require certain employers, including UC, to provide leave to employees for specified reasons related to COVID-19. These provisions will apply from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

You can find an FFCRA FAQ on Human Resources' website. Visit HR's home page for links to additional information.

Human Resources has also posted an FAQ on COVID-19 and Your UC Benefits. Additional links and information can be found on HR's benefits page.


Health and Wellness

Please note that employees and students on campus this summer term are required to wear facial coverings.

Employees may seek an exemption from the facial covering requirement by completing the Facial Covering Exemption Request form on the Bearcats Landing intranet.

Students may seek an exemption from the requirement to wear a facial covering by emailing University Health Services at COVIDWatch@uc.edu

Exemptions will be based on those listed in the current State of Ohio directive:  

  • Facial coverings in the work setting are prohibited by law or regulation;
  • Facial coverings are a violation of documented industry standards;
  • Facial coverings are not advisable for health reasons;
  • Facial coverings are in violation of the business’ documented safety policies;
  • Facial coverings are not required when the employee works alone in an assigned work area; or
  • There is a functional (practical) reason for an employee not to wear a facial covering in the workplace.


Emotional wellness and mental health resources for faculty and staff are available on UC's Intranet - Bearcats Landing (visit my.uc.edu. Login required) Resources include a collection of virtual and face-to-face offerings. Additionally, the Staff Success Center and Faculty Enrichment Center are offering supportive classes and discussions to enrich the emotional well-being of faculty and staff.

UC recommends you speak with your healthcare provider for advice. You may then contact Human Resources so that required accommodation/leave may be considered depending on the healthcare provider recommendations. Information regarding leaves is available in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or HR policy and UC’s ADA link.

Consult the FFCRA FAQs.  If you have additional questions, contact central Human Resources.

See page 5 of the FFCRA FAQs. Yes, up to 80 hours of EPSLA leave should be used if the reason the employee is advised to stay home is COVID-19 related. After the 80 hours of EPSLA leave are exhausted, accrued sick leave must be used. Be mindful that physicians’ offices may be limiting in-person visits, and we will need to be flexible in our timelines for required documentation.

The supervisor should make the decision on the risk. It's not a preference of the employee, but of the university or supervisor, unless there are health risk factors of the employee. All efforts should be made to work remotely and all consideration should be given to those with underlying health risk factors.

See page 5 of the FFCRA FAQs.

If the employee is unable to work (or telework) because they are in quarantine due to a quarantine order, advice from a healthcare provider to quarantine, or are caring for someone who has been advised to quarantine by a healthcare provider, EPSLA leave should be used effective April 1, 2020 (time off paid previously for these reasons does not count toward this entitlement).

If an employee needs to “self-quarantine” for any other reason pursuant to UC’s self-reporting instructions, they should not take time off from work, but are expected, when able, to telework. At a minimum, an employee who is subject to a self-quarantine must be available for work-related questions by email or phone. Please contact Central Human Resources for further assistance.

The employee should contact Human Resources and UCHealth. He, she or they may work from home. ABS-coded leave time may apply in lieu of sick or vacation time up to 14 days, if the duties do not permit remote/telecommuting work.

If the illness is COVID-19 related, consult the FFCRA FAQs.  If you have additional questions, contact central Human Resources.

Yes, when an employee is observably ill, you may send them home. The employee will use sick time. Please contact Human Resources at 513-556-6381.

Following self-quarantine of 14 days. If you have returned from a CDC-designated Level 3 country, please report to: covidwatch@uc.edu.

There is no additional action required on your part if you were not also in an impacted region or had direct close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. Please remember to practice prevention strategies such as washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; stay home if you are sick. For additional information, please consult CDC guidelines.

Any visitor coming to campus must self-quarantine for 14 days and report to University Health Services (UHS) via COVIDWatch@uc.edu before arriving to campus. UHS will respond with appropriate health guidance.

There are additional restrictions for certain individuals visiting from more than 30 different countries. Due to the presidential “Proclamation on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Persons who Pose a Risk of Transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus”, visitors who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are currently subject to reporting and self-monitoring protocols upon return. U.S. citizens and permanent residents visiting from China currently have some level of restrictions on their movements for 14 days from the time they left China. Nonimmigrants physically present in China or Europe during the 14-day period preceding their entry into the U.S. are currently denied re-entry.

We recommend that invitations to all visitors but put on hold until travel restrictions and visa operations return to normal. Invitations for anyone to come before fall semester should be reconsidered. Faculty and staff inviting international visitors to campus should contact UC International Services with questions about invitation and visa processes to ensure the proper visas are being secured, that the appropriate export control screenings are conducted, and reasonable start dates are being selected during this difficult time.

The supervisor should immediately have the employee follow the self-reporting instructions. Additionally, the supervisor should consult with Central HR for further guidance.  In as many instances as possible, find ways to work remotely or alternate days when certain office staff are working remotely.

Bringing a child to work is not recommended. Confer with your supervisor for work from home or other applicable leave options.

See information on the Employee Assistance Program. In addition, Healthy UC is the university’s well-being collaborative.  A variety of resources and programming are listed on Healthy UC’s Events page available to all students, faculty and staff.

University Operations

Skype/Web-ex or phone interviews are encouraged.

If it is a department search, the department remains as the point of contact.

Yes, orientation will continue remotely.  Contact 558-7128 with new employee orientation questions.

Human Resources' home page carries information on the current administrative process.

Mail Services and Central Receiving will continue to receive and process inbound items for the university during this remote-work period for many departments.  

Arrangements have been made for a modified delivery schedule to campus. Additionally, a large number of departments will be picking up mail and parcels at their convenience from our Central Distribution facility.

See more information or call Mail Services at 513-556-3525. To arrange a pickup of parcels or freight delivered to the Central Receiving Department, please call 513-556-5655.

Yes – the UC Shuttle will continue to operate.

Remote Work

Each unit should develop plans to conduct work remotely where it is feasible and when job duties can be performed remotely without disrupting critical operations. Units may create a rotational minimal staffing schedule if units must be staffed, and for services that cannot be performed remotely, such as handling incoming mail.

Yes, working remotely must be approved by the supervisor of the department/unit unless otherwise directed by the senior level leader of the department/unit.

See the UCit site.

Human Resources' home page carries a link to 'Telework Tips for Employees and Managers.'


If job duties cannot be performed remotely, employees are expected to continue to work on campus. Employees are advised to maintain physical distances from others of at least six feet. Employees should also be mindful of hygiene protocol and practice good hygiene

In the Alternative Work Schedule policy, it defines Flex Scheduling, Incidental Work From Home, and Telecommuting. If the working remotely is based on recent COVID-19 decisions, then it is considered Incidental Work From Home, and no telecommuting agreement is required. If the dean/college/supervisor requests a telecommuting agreement from the employee, that is acceptable as long as there is consistency in who is asked to complete it.

WebEx meetings and online instruction may be subject to FOIA rules, especially if recorded.  However, FERPA and IP exceptions may be applied as appropriate.  Questions may be directed to the Office of General Counsel.

Student Employment

There are no restrictions.

Students should work off campus remotely they may perform online training, development or other assigned tasks post the Governors March 23rd “Stay at Home” mandate.   If they are performing work on campus in critical areas under UC supervision, follow normal time clocking and COVID-19 safe work procedures.  Undergraduate students are not permitted to work in laboratory spaces at this time.  Guidance can be found at: https://research.uc.edu/coronavirus-and-your-research.

Students should work off campus remotely, they may perform online training, conduct project work, or other assigned tasks post the Governors March 23rd “Stay at Home” mandate. Students MUST perform work to be paid and report time worked.  Projects may be assigned as remote work. A staff member must be readily available to supervise the student if on campus. Graduate Assistants are to continue working if possible using flexibility and health and safety guidance as a priority.

If a student employee is quarantined for 14 days due to exposure, they shall receive pay for the hours they would have worked. Please use COVID-19 in the comment section.  

The university is strongly encouraging units to develop remote work for student employees including those on Federal Work Study whenever possible. This creates an opportunity for those student employees to continue receiving their hourly pay. There is not an expectation that the work is completed on campus. Units can use discretion on the tasks and projects given to student employees in order to maintain a work schedule. The university does not have the opportunity to continue payment of student employees if work is not being performed.


Because of the ongoing response to COVID-19 wherein many faculty and staff are working remotely in order to maintain UC's educational mission while seeking to contain the spread of infection, no automatic paycheck deductions for parking or CRC memberships will be made in either June or July 2020. This continues the policy of the last two months, as no automatic deductions were made in either April or May.

If you will be returning to work upon the resumption of normal activities there is nothing you need to do. If you were planning on returning your permit for summer semester, please fill out the cancelation form, available on Parking Services website.

Because of the ongoing response to COVID-19 wherein many faculty and staff are working remotely in order to maintain UC's educational mission while seeking to contain the spread of infection, no automatic paycheck deductions for parking or CRC memberships will be made in either June or July 2020. This continues the policy of the last two months, as no automatic deductions were made in either April or May.

For additional information, please go to the CRC website.

As stated in UC's Return to Campus Guide, the Campus Recreation Center plans to reopen by August 24 following the mandated protocols required by the Ohio Health Department for reopening gym facilities as well as university health and safety restrictions. The rec center will re-open in phases. Initial phases will include weight-machine areas and suspended running track. Later phases will include the climbing wall and basketball courts.