Faculty FAQ

  • You might want to assign a few points – even extra-credit points – for students to respond with something they’ve learned from using a resource or report back on something you have embedded in your assignment or resource.
  • Use the quiz function in your LMS for a low-stakes quiz to show that main ideas have been understood.
  • Ask students to respond in a discussion board to a question about the assignment and read through to provide global comments on responses, providing low-stakes points for participation.
  • Ultimately, don’t forget that even with in-person classes, it’s difficult to maintain constant and consistent listening and attention. No matter the setting – whether in-person or remote, students should be asked to participate in some way.

If you teach a number of courses, it can be difficult to proactively and personally communicate one-to-one with frequency to every single student.

Be sure to keep up with general communication in courses. Use Announcements to comment to students about how the work the week before ties into what they will do in the coming week.

Consider adding a feedback tab to your LMS or use a general Announcement to highlight good work by a few students each week, perhaps useful answers or ideas students have provided.

If some students have stopped sending in assignments, reach out via email. Mention that you know these are difficult times and that you want them to succeed. Ask them to respond so you can work out a plan together toward course completion.

The University of Cincinnati will end its contract with Blackboard on June 30, 2020. Faculty members will not have access to Blackboard after that date.   Everything will be deleted from Blackboard on June 30, 2020. In late spring, your course content will either be moved to Canvas, archived offsite, or permanently deleted depending on the course offering date. Please visit CET&L’s Canvas transition web site for additional information.

See the Resources page, which includes links to a Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Toolkit and Guide for Remote Instruction as well as Self Help Guides at the IT@UC Knowledge Base.

These outline a number of technology strategies, suggestions for communicating with students, recommendations for distributing course materials, assignments and assessments  and much more. Key recommendations include

Finally, remember that the IT@UC Service Desk continues to offer help from 7 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday-Friday; and 8 a.m.-11 p.m., Saturday-Sunday. In addition, IT@UC offers around-the-clock assistance with Blackboard, Canvas, and other Canopy tools such as Kaltura, WebEx, Echo360, and more.
  • Contact the IT@UC Service Desk.
    • Submit a ticket.
    • For general IT support: call (513) 556-HELP (4357) OR (866) 397-3382.
    • For support with Blackboard, Canvas, and other Canopy tools: call (513) 556-HELP (4357) OR (866) 397-3382 and select option 3 in the menu. Or, start a chat using the "Start a Canopy Chat" button.

Honorlock is an option for faculty who need to proctor exams. Faculty who would like more information about Honorlock can check Honorlock Online Proctoring for Faculty, which provides resources for setting up the test-taking environment and Honorlock testing guidelines. Please note that we’re asking associate deans in each college to aggregate and prioritize which courses need to use Honorlock for proctored testing. Those aggregated requests can then be sent to Megan Wuebker at wuebekmp@ucmail.uc.edu.

In addition to exams, faculty might consider group or individual project-based assessments that integrate several measures for performance, comprehension, and mastery; papers and essay questions; problem-solving questions and other options. Online quizzes can be offered via Canvas or Blackboard or you can distribute PDFs of your exam via these course-management tools or even via email.

Students can use any of the following apps to easily scan print documents into PDFs for submission through Canvas or Blackboard.



Microsoft Office

For those faculty using Canvas, there is online advice available to use Gradebook in Canvas, including how to use Canvas Speedgrader. If you need assistance in configuring your gradebook in either Blackboard or Canvas, please contact support at 513-556-4357 (513-556-HELP).

To create a culture of care, every member of our community must do their part. If someone is not following health and safety guidelines, it is okay to politely share your concerns and expectations. You should remind the student of the facial covering policy and ask the student whether they have an exemption. If they do not, remind them how to get an exemption by emailing COVIDWatch@uc.edu. A supply of disposable masks will be available for faculty to provide students in the event they do not bring a facial covering or shield to class. If a student repeatedly forgets to wear a mask to class and doesn't have a medical exemption, please contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.