Student FAQ

Please read the below FAQs regarding reimbursement, commencement, transcripts as well as other out-of-the-classroom services. 

CARES Act Funding

More than 22,000 University of Cincinnati students are receiving some much-needed relief mid-May as the university distributes $11.7 million in federal CARES Act funds to students most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Universities were entrusted to distribute the funds, and UC leaders chose to put the dollars in as many hands as possible by providing funding to every student who was enrolled at least half-time and was eligible for federal student aid at the time UC transitioned to virtual learning.

Approximately 11,000 UC students with financial need who were enrolled at least half-time in the spring semester will receive $500, and another 11,000 or so students — those with Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that demonstrate more financial security — will receive a total of $250.

Find more details on this funding on the Financial Aid website.


The issued applicable spring term refunds by the end of spring semester, April 30. If you are signed up for direct deposit in Catalyst, you received your refund via direct deposit. If you are not signed up for direct deposit, you may wish to do so in Catalyst.  

Students that are not setup for direct deposit, will receive a paper check via U.S. Postal Service. If you choose to receive a paper check, please be sure to update your mailing address in Catalyst to ensure your refund is sent to your current location. 

Based upon the student’s situation, refunds may be used to

  • Offset an outstanding balance owed to the university.
  • Reverse a scholarship awarded for fees that are now being refunded.
  • Provide a direct payment/refund to the student.

if you have questions specific to your circumstances not addressed here, contact the Bursar’s central email account:  

Since one third of the term occurred after the transition to remote learning, the amount refunded for the Campus Life Fee, General Fee, and Housing costs equal 33 percent of the original charges.

Meal plan refunds depend on the type of meal plan purchased.

  • Residential Unlimited Meal Plans were refunded at 33 percent of the original cost, excluding the $150 applied to the student’s Bearcat Card.
  • Campus Dining Plans were refunded at the per-meal cost for unused meals, excluding any credits applied to the student’s Bearcat Card.

Parking refunds were pro-rated from the transition to remote learning through the end of the permit period.

Summer Term Fees

The General Fee and the Campus Life Fee will not be charged during summer semester.

The non-resident surcharge assessed to out-of-state students will continue to be charged. However, UC has created a new Bearcats Everywhere Scholarship that will cover the cost of the non-resident surcharge for students in on-campus academic programs for summer after other out-of-state scholarships have been applied.

The Instructional Fee, ITIE fee, Distance Learning Fee, and most Program Fees will still be assessed at the normal rates for summer. Those fees support instructional costs and other services that are being provided during remote instruction, such as academic advising, One Stop Student Services, and access to Blackboard, Canvas and other online tools. It's also important to understand that your instructional fee (tuition) is tied to your earned academic credits, and you will be receiving full academic credit for the academic hours successfully earned and taken this summer.

If you are scheduled to co-op in summer semester but are unable to secure a paid co-op position, UC will award a scholarship to cover the course cost of your alternative Experiential Exploration Program. Your eligibility for this scholarship will be determined by the Experience-Based Learning and Career Education office. Any awards will be posted to your student bill over the next few weeks.

The due dates for your summer charges will be based on the types of charges on your account and the timing of when those charges were assessed. However, the Office of the Bursar has extended a grace period throughout May during which no late fees for summer semester will be assessed. So while your bill will continue to show charge due dates based on your class schedule and you may continue to receive automated billing reminders periodically during the month, no penalties will be assessed as long as any balance due is paid by the end of May. If you need assistance making payment arrangements for your bill or exploring your eligibility for financial aid, contact your campus One Stop Center for individualized assistance.

Summer term is part of the 2019-20 award year. If you wish to apply for financial aid and you haven’t filed your 2019-20 FAFSA, please do so immediately and well before the June 30, 2020, filing deadline. If you have filed your 2019-20 FAFSA, please review your financial aid award offer in Catalyst and the Student Financial Aid summer aid website for more information about summer aid options. You can also contact your campus One Stop to speak with a staff member to review your eligibility for financial aid for the summer semester.

Bearcat Card

If you have applied for graduation, your remaining Bearcat dollars will be credited to your student account and refunded to you if you do not have any outstanding balances due.  If you have a balance due, your Bearcat dollars will be applied to those charges due.

Students not graduating who wish to have their Bearcat dollars refunded may request a refund by completing the Bearcat Card Refund Request Form.

Please note that refunds cannot be issued for card funds wherein the university originally provided said funds, e.g., institutional aid, scholarship, etc.

Student Employment

Undergraduate students are not permitted to work in laboratory spaces at this time. Guidance can be found at on the research website. 

There are no restrictions.

Students should work off campus remotely, they may perform online training, conduct project work, or other assigned tasks post the Governor's March 23 “Stay at Home” mandate. Students MUST perform work to be paid and report time worked.  Projects may be assigned as remote work. A staff member must be readily available to supervise the student if on campus. Graduate Assistants are to continue working if possible using flexibility and health and safety guidance as a priority.

If a student employee is quarantined for 14 days due to exposure, they shall receive pay for the hours they would have worked. Please use COVID-19 in the comment section.

The university is strongly encouraging units to develop remote work for student employees including those on Federal Work Study whenever possible. This creates an opportunity for those student employees to continue receiving their hourly pay. There is not an expectation that the work is completed on campus. Units can use discretion on the tasks and projects given to student employees in order to maintain a work schedule. The university does not have the opportunity to continue payment of student employees if work is not being performed.

Please visit the Registrar’s website and follow the instructions on how to verify your enrollment for unemployment purposes. 

Commencement & Transcripts

Some of our most celebrated and anticipated Bearcats events are our Commencement ceremonies. As the coronavirus outbreak progresses, it has become increasingly clear that we must postpone our Spring 2020 commencement events in accordance with CDC guidelines on eliminating large gatherings to combat the coronavirus.

Yes, this restriction impacts the undergraduate ceremony, doctoral hooding and master’s recognition ceremony, and professional degree ceremonies.

We will be in touch with updates when more information is available.

No. If you have satisfied all of your degree requirements, you should receive an email notification on May 19 that your UC degree has been certified. As of now, students can expect to receive diplomas starting the week of Monday, June 8.

Yes. Following the model of institutions across the country, a notation will be added to the official transcript key noting Spring Semester 2020 as an “extraordinary circumstances” semester, with details to be posted and maintained on the Registrar’s website. 

For any “I” grades issued in the Spring Semester 2020, students will have an additional semester, on top of the standard maximum of 350 days set by the instructor, to earn a final grade. This means that “I” grades will be converted to “I/F” grades at the end of Summer Semester 2021 instead of the end of Spring Semester 2021. An “I/F” grade calculates into the student’s grade point average like an “F” grade.

Yes. The withdrawal deadline for Spring Semester 2020 has been extended until Friday, April 24 at 11:59 p.m. for both the full semester and second half-semester session. Withdrawal means a “W” grade and no tuition refund.


Summer 2020 Housing

The COVID-19 Waiver Process for University Housing (UH) remains in place through the 2020 summer semester. Any student who wishes to reside in university housing in the summer term needs an approved waiver. Then, fill out and complete a Summer 2020 Housing Application in order to remaiin in residency in UC housing beyond Saturday, May 2, 2020.

See the below FAQ for more information about waivers.

Also, remember that students remaining on campus (and employees working on campus this summer) are required to wear facial coverings

Approved room rate and fee schedules will apply.

A Campus Dining Pass may be purchased by any residential student with a waiver to use for carry out meals at On the Green (OTG) located in Marian Spencer Hall. Meal service begins Saturday, May 2.

The University Housing Office will remain open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can reach staff via email at or by phone at 513-556-6461.

Current residents on an approved waiver will be contacted via phone and email by University Housing staff to confirm their intent. Waivers will be automatically extended for those indicating a need to remain in housing during any portion of summer semester 2020, up to August 8. A completed Summer Housing Application is then required.

The “Waiver Request” will be on the first screen of the Summer Housing Application. You may expect a response to your request within 5 business days.

New residents must complete a COVID-19 Waiver Request and receive approval prior to completing a Summer Housing Application. The Waiver Request will be on the first screen of the Summer Housing Application. You may expect a response to your request within 5 business days. All new residents arriving before May 1* will be required to complete a 14-day quarantine upon move-in unless directed otherwise by University Health Services.

*In accordance with the stipulations of the Ohio Stay-at-Home order issued by Ohio Director of Health, Amy Acton, MD, MPH, in effect until 11:59 p.m., May 1, 2020, unless further extended.

Residents whose waiver requests are approved will be notified through their UC-issued email by University Housing. 

No outside requests will be accepted for summer 2020. All camp, conference and intern housing programs have been suspended due to current regulations and guidelines from local, state and federal health authorities.

Yes. Students who have been granted waivers and purchase a Campus Dining Pass will have carry out dining services available at On the Green (OTG) in Marian Spencer Hall. In addition, Market on Main is open. See details on hours of service.

When university housing staff contact you about your intent to stay for summer, they will also inquire about your fall semester 2020 semester housing plans. If you have not already applied, you will be offered the opportunity to apply for priority assignment. Once UC housing reaches capacity, no priority status can be provided, and standard cancellation terms would apply.

You should plan to move out by Noon, Saturday, May 2. Details about the move-out process will be posted at your residence hall Service Desk.

Please remove all food, trash and belongings. Rooms will be inspected after move-out for damages.

You must make your own arrangements if you wish to donate any of your belongings to a charity. 

The University intends to reimburse students on a pro-rata basis for room and board agreements. Financial adjustments will be made by April 30, 2020.