The University of Cincinnati is preparing buildings, classrooms and common areas with appropriate signage and furniture spacing to meet COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. All COVID CAREFUL signage is designed to clearly mark appropriate spacing needed to meet the social distancing requirement of six feet. The below examples outline the required signage and suggested placement of signage based on the area or type of space.

Administrative personnel are asked to follow the guidelines illustrated in the photos organized within the below categores. 

What you need to know

  1. Required COVID CAREFUL building and classroom signage is available on the Planning+Design+Construction website. 
  2. Large or special signage orders can be placed through UC Printing and Duplicating Services.
  3. Small paper signs can be ordered by emailing or printed using an office printer
  4. Vinyl stickers and decals can be ordered by emailing

Installing and securing signage

It is important not to use colored tape or tape that will damage the finish of walls and furniture. Signage should be secured with clear tape, drafting dots or double-sided tape.

Space Signage

To ensure social distancing, classrooms must feature signage to illustrate which desks and chairs should not be used.  Sanitization stations should also be marked.  Examples of the correct signs to use are featured to the left of each image. All chairs must be spaced six feet apart and extra chairs should be removed if not in use.

Signage on classroom doors must be posted near room number and capacity signs. It is reccomended that door signage be printed on 8.5 x 11 cardstock.  

Signs on doors must be placed near the room number and capacity signs. Floor decals must be used at the entrance approach and exit approach.  

The Bearcat paw of floor decal should point towards the destination. Elevator occupants should be directed to flow in and out of elevators without obstructing the movement of others.

Seating and all tables and chairs in common areas must be spaced six feet apart to maintain social distancing. Signs should denote which seats cannot be used. Floor decals should be used to illustrate six feet of separation. Extra chairs should be removed from common areas.  

Floor decals showing where people should stand must be placed at each point of service. Plexiglass sneeze guard must also be placed at each point of service.