Contingency Planning

Contingency planning for disasters, pandemics or other emergencies is a priority at UC. 

Proper planning helps minimize disruptions and the efficient return of essential services, including course instruction and other mission-critical roles and responsibilities, during times of emergency. Operational plans and procedures are routinely reviewed to remain current and provide support to students and employees.

Colleges, research, support units and other areas maintain plans for contingencies in order to remain in operation in the event of significant disruptions as we return to campus. Each college and department would be well served to continue to identify realistic “what-if” scenarios that include recovery strategies designed to seamlessly continue operations under conditions that may change significantly, unexpectedly, or both. For instance, colleges and both academic and non-academic departments would be well served to continue to refine contingency plans in the event there is a significant loss of instructors or staff due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. 

Coordination between faculty and staff helps ensure we are prepared to adapt to an ever-changing environment. These include

  • Contingencies for pandemic scenarios include non-essential employees returning to working remotely, thereby minimizing the number of employees on campus. 
  • Course delivery under a pandemic resurgence would likely shift to a fully online learning mode in most cases.
  • Consideration of realistic “what-if” scenarios, consequences and adaptations.

Contingency planning is coordinated by the university’s Emergency Management/Business Continuity division in conjunction with each college, research unit, and business support function. Coordinated planning will help ensure that UC is prepared for potential disruptions to the university’s primary mission of education and research.

Key contingency plan components

  • Succession planning
  • Loss of staff planning
  • Loss of key workspace planning
  • Plans to move classes online if necessary
  • Plans to continue teaching in the event of extensive faculty illness or quarantine
  • Plans for university on-site operations personnel to safely and efficiently return to working remotely

A Business Continuity FAQ and resources are available online.

Course-specific contingency planning

In the Teaching and Learning section of this guide is the recommendation that all course instructors prepare to transition their in-person, hybrid and HyFlex courses to online if needed, using the “Excellence Online at UC” toolkit.