Business Continuity

What is business continuity?

It is a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations from those threats. It provides a framework for resiliency and the capability to respond rapidly to any emergency.

Business Continuity at UC

UC’s Business Continuity Program, historically referred to as Mission Continuity, is an enterprise-wide planning and preparedness effort that serves to:

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  • Identify potential disruptive events and the impacts of those events to university essential functions
  • Identify and assess viable recovery strategies
  • Identify, assess and coordinate existing response capabilities
  • Assist with the development and documentation of division, department and college level plans
  • Develop business continuity awareness and training programs that result in personnel able to respond to incidents in a calm and efficient manner
  • Establish plan exercise and maintenance programs

In support of this program, all university divisions, departments, and colleges should develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for mitigating the effects of identified threats that may disrupt normal operations.

Why do you need a continuity plan?

If one of the following were to occur today, are you able to continue providing your area’s essential functions:

  • A fire destroys your building or causes extensive damage to vital records?
  • A pipe burst causes extensive damage to your workspace preventing access for an extended period?
  • UCiT data center is down?
  • 50 percent of your staff is out ill?

To assist UC divisions, departments and colleges in their planning efforts UC uses Bearcat Ready (Kuali Ready), a simple cloud based planning tool.