Fire Alarms, Fire Drills and Evacuations

A fire alarm is an unplanned activation of a fire suppression system, whereas a fire drill is planned and coordinated. Public Safety conducts regular fire drills in campus buildings, but does not announce the drills to occupants, in order to meet the requirements of the Ohio Fire Code.

Please treat all alarm activations as a real emergency. For more information, please view the following document.

Fire Alarms, Fire Drills and Evacuations PDF


Smoke Detector Testing

The University of Cincinnati has fire alarm technicians and fire inspectors on campus. We rely on them for the testing, servicing and oversight of the fire safety devices. Monthly, the fire inspectors are in each room of all residence halls testing and checking the smoke detectors to ensure their operation. If issues are found, they are reported to the fire alarm technicians who will immediately repair, test and place back in service the smoke detector.

UC buildings which are not resident halls have their systems tested annually by the fire alarm technicians, as required by code. At this time, EVERY smoke detector, EVERY heat detector, EVERY pull station, in EVERY university building is tested individually.