Campus Watch

Campus Watch is a student organization within the Public Safety Department that patrols UC’s Uptown campus and provides an additional set of eyes and ears for UC police. Employees only report crimes; they do not intervene or help apprehend anyone.

  • Patrolling campus on foot, giving special attention to bike racks;
  • Providing walking escorts when requested;
  • Checking student IDs;
  • Patrolling Langsam Library and other campus buildings; and
  • Assisting with special events including sporting events and campus activities.

Campus Watch

(513) 556-1111

Campus Watch is composed of more than 30 students, with two students serving as team leaders and two students working as trainers, who primarily work from 4 p.m. to midnight.

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Campus Watch at UC Blue Ash

Public Safety’s campus watch program recently expanded to provide coverage to the Blue Ash campus. The Blue Ash Campus Watch team currently has five students and one team leader. Their function is similar to the Campus Watch team on main campus, except that they only work when classes are being held.